He Who Smelt It: Episode 8 – Shock and Ahhh!


This review’s short and sweet because – well – my experience with L’Eau Serge Lutens was. Let me break it down.

Day 1 – Hmmm. This is interesting. Lemon zest and… What is that? It’s woodsy, but not like anything I’ve sampled before. Pencil shavings! That’s it! Pencil shavings. Ok. I’m sure that’s not the intent here, but what do I know? Only that I’m intrigued.

Day 2 – There’s a citrus sweet and sour going on here.  I‘ve warmed to this fast. There’s something different and wonderfully masculine about it. The sweetness pairs well with the (for lack of a better description) pencil shavings. I love the visual of the discarded remnants of a now sharpened tool. To me it symbolizes grit and determination, callouses and sweat, blood and tears. Corny? Maybe, but these things no doubt have an effect on our feelings. Not drinking coffee tomorrow, but I feel like this fragrance will be a great substitute. I’ll get out of bed for this one.

Day 3 – Devastation. It’s empty! This is impossible and infuriating! I stood in the bathroom and, refusing to believe it was gone, pushed the little button of this friggin atomizer 237 times before finally letting it go. AHHH!

Quite a mystery. What could possibly have happened?

  1. It spent too much time basking in the threshold-of-hell Texas heat while in transit, and all but two days worth evaporated.
  2. Dee liked this one herself and, tapping her fingertips together and unleashing a malevolent chuckle, snuck a few sprays before sending it on to me.
  3. I got a faulty sample. Harumpf.

It’s all very bittersweet. I discovered a wonderful new scent, but feel like I was scammed out of getting to spend more time with it. Oh, well. On to the next.

2 thoughts on “He Who Smelt It: Episode 8 – Shock and Ahhh!

  1. Pencil shavings? I really liked that…makes me remember days gone by spent by the pencil sharpener in Mrs. Evans sixth grade classroom. I loved that smell so much I made my dad buy me a pencil sharpener and install it on my old-school desk so I could sharpen pencils and get a waft of that oh so comforting smell whenever I wanted.

    Sorry, my friend, sounds like you got ripped off. I mean, two days worth is hardly anything! Hope you get another fragrance that has more mojo than this one and little more in the tube!

    • I think everybody gets all warm and fuzzy about pencil shavings. There’s something nostalgic about them. Do schools even use pencil sharpeners anymore? Not sure.

      I did get ripped off and am still melancholy over the whole affair. Thanks for the good vibes sent for my next fragrance!

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