Together, we can do anything.


Three years ago, I found Sheila’s blog for the first time.

It was one of those rare moments where I found a writer whose every word I was determined to read. This had only happened twice before– with the Mother Ship, Now Smell This, and then with Bee. While there were many blogs I was reading and keeping up with, and many writers I loved, these stood out. NST was my introduction to a brave new sensory world, and Bee and Sheila, in turn, would become profoundly influential in my life. I fell in love with Sheila’s writing, and soon discovered she had written a novel.

I read that novel in it’s serialized, blog-post size installments, and I loved it. I mean really loved it. Carrie-Meredith and I went head-to-head in competition for number one fan; we decided to share the spot, and some perfume too. We’ll always have CdG Tar!

The novel was good. So tantalizingly did Sheila describe the scent of ‘Dev’, it inspired a global collaborative project : Devilscent. Indie perfumers used her prose as creative brief– and what results! (Check out the above link to see all the perfumers and reviewers involved.)

Despite it’s growing popularity, Quantum Demonology wasn’t getting published. Which seemed crazy to me, because it deserves it’s spot on the bookstore shelves–and on bestseller lists. Suddenly, I found myself in a place I’d never been before. I was free, and I had some money, and I knew that I wanted to put that money to work. But how? If I could do anything, what would I do…?

Sheila Eggenberger, QD author

Sheila Eggenberger

It wasn’t a hard decision. I knew that I wanted to publish Sheila’s book, and, looking back, I’m embarrassed at my audacity. Who am I? Nobody. But who I am is irrelevant (thankfully). The book must be published. And by golly, why not me? So I screwed up my courage and asked.

She said yes. I’m still astonished.

And here we are. The book has gotten this far because of the support of the perfume community, and now I’m going to ask for a little more help. We’re going to press the day after Thanksgiving, and Quantum Demonology lays down on Tuesday, 12.17.13. Together, we can do this.

Here’s what I’m asking: every single dollar counts, and if everyone is willing to pledge a dollar, and get everyone they know to do the same, it’ll boost the “popularity” of the campaign. Lots of pledges, even in the smallest amount, is how we get attention. And, the more attention we get, the more money we raise. Right now we’re on schedule for delivery on my shoe-string budget. But Quantum Demonology, and it’s authoress, deserve the best.

…one of the most important things you can do for your campaign is to manipulate its popularity on Kickstarter.  Most projects that make it onto one of Kickstarter’s lists (project of the day, projects we love, etc.) make their money.  The only list that I’ve seen that can be manipulated is the popularity lists.  Those seem to be directly related to how many donors you get in a specific period of time, and have nothing to do with total money raised.  If you have control over a decent number of backers (friends/family), then try to get them lined up to donate all around the time your project gets posted.  This will get you pushed up onto the popular list in your category and will also show others interested in donating that there is a large amount of excitement and interest related to your project. “

Kickstarter Addict, Daniel McGauley

Let’s make it happen! Whether you pledge a dollar or five-hundred, your name will be printed on the fly-leaf inside the book. So everyone who picks it up knows what’s behind it, and what went into it.

It takes a village– help us spread the word!


Pledge on Kickstarter :: Check out our Ad campaign :: Devilscent :: Nigel’s Flight

A special thanks to all of you who have already pledged! Thank you for your belief and your support, your enthusiasm, and your friendship. It means everything!!!

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2 responses to “Together, we can do anything.”

  1. baconbiscuit212 says :

    This is absolutely incredible! It’s not much, but I helped out a little via kickstarter. I wish you good luck!!!!

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