Trying New Things: Lush Cosmetics

I’ve been a die-hard fan of the cosmeceuticals industry for as long as I’ve had a face, and maintained a strict regimen in order to keep my skin acne free (and maybe even wrinkle free?). I was, however, seriously lacking “glow”.
A friend, with beautiful skin, insisted I try Lush, and even brought me a sample coffret attuned to my dry, irritable skin.
I’m in the third week of use, and my skin is glowing. The products are fun to use, including a crumbly dry pile of face wash that you have to turn into paste in your palm… the only problem is, my breakouts are no longer in check.
It remains to be seen if “all natural” can truly replace beta hydroxy acid and benzoyl peroxide. I’ll give Lush a few more weeks, and let you know.
The products sure smell great.
(the image above is my cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin)

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