Steals and Deals

This past weekend, NST hosted a Lazy Weekend Poll titled, “Bragging Time!“. Apparently, participating in that poll brought me good luck. Within a half-hour of posting my short list of Steals and Deals, my husband noticed a moving sale happening down the street, and suggested we go and check it out.

The house was pretty much barren, but when I stepped into the bathroom, my eye was immediately drawn to two Guerlain bottles. “Holy crap! Check this out!” (me to the hubby). I grabbed them: a 100mL bee-bottle of Eau Imperiale, and a gold-refillable bottle of Shalimar EDT. We had $8.00 cash between us, and I planned to beg the homeowners to exchange one of the bottles for our paltry cash offering. When I approached the check-out table, I asked, “How much for the Guerlain’s?” and met the reply, “Let’s call it a buck for both.”

Oh, happy day.

There’s only about 5mL left of the (vintage!) Shalimar, but the Eau Imeriale is half-full! That’s what I call a steal!

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