Third Quarter Damage

The much loved Robin, over at NST, recently hosted the quarterly Damage Poll , where all us spineless—when it comes to resisting new launches—perfumistas confess the damage we’ve done to our pocketbooks.


That’s the damage in my house. I know this because I keep an Excel spreadsheet and carefully account for every penny I spend each month, broken down by the essential categories: rent, electricity, water/sewer, food, perfume. But I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what I spent that $503.88 on. I bought two full-bottles (and one with a coupon code for BeautyHabit) and a partial bottle on ebay, adding up to about $250. I bought into a few splits… but surely not $253.88 worth?

Which leads to the drastic action I’ve taken to curtail further frivolity: a new spreadsheet. This time, with every perfume listed, along with size (mL) of the bottle and indication as to FB, Decant, sample. I discovered that I have 40 full-bottles, and a total of 75 decants and samples (large decants I considered FB, and miniature bottles as decants).

That’s 115 different perfumes to choose from each morning when I wake up, each afternoon when I re-apply, and each evening when I select my sleep scent. More than enough.

But I do need to get that sample set from Sonoma Scent Studio, and the discovery set from Tauer


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