Best Sleep Scents

The “sleep scent” first evolved in my house during a period where I was buying up a lot of samples, and wanted to test more than one perfume in a day. My husband is very supportive; he tests every perfume that comes in the house. Sometimes a perfume smells different on him, and I’m able to appreciate different facets when he’s wearing it; also, he likes to be a part of the process and has a genuine appreciation for quality fragrance. This is how I befriended L’Heure Bleue.

I bought a bottle of vintage EDT unsniffed, and with trepidation. My thinking behind the splurge was that, if I hated it, I could swap it away for other things, and keep a “reference” sample in my collection. I had read many, many reviews: on the blogs, on Makeup Alley, Basenotes, you name it. Usually I can determine, to some degree, if I’m going to like something based on the notes in the fragrance, but L’Heure Bleue was a mystery on paper, and remained a mystery even after wearing it several times. The dry-down is to die for; it’s got everything that I love about the Shalimar extrait, and more. But I just wasn’t feeling it on a primal level. Until I smelled it on the husband. Oh god. I wanted to lick his arm off (much to his amusement) it smelled so good; since experiencing it on him, I better appreciate it on myself.

Tangent complete.

L’Heure Bleue is an excellent sleep scent. It’s peaceful, comforting, and long-lasting enough to greet you when you wake up in the morning.

Other favorites:
Shalimar extrait
L’Ombre Fauve
Safran Troublant (besides Shalimar, this one gets the most bed-time wear)
Brulure de Rose
Bulgari Black
Traversee du Bosphore (just added to my list)

I guess I like sweet-ish/gourmand scents with Amber and Vanilla for bedtime.

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