SSS, Day 2–part one: Jour Ensoleille

Today’s Sonoma Scent Studio selection is Jour Ensoleille: Tuberose and orange blossom alert!

First things first: Smarties candy effect. Thankfully, very little of the tropical mess that bugs me in tuberose perfumes. I have a hard time differentiating between tuberoses—I think I’m hypernosmic to the note, which means I usually can’t pick out the supporting cast. I’ve got Vamp a NY, Fracas parfum, Michael Kors Very Hollywood (swapped away), and I also had (but swapped away) the Bond NY exclusive En Rose. With the exception of Nuit de Tubereuse, I don’t think I could tell the difference between any of these probably very distinct tuberoses.

Back to Jour Ensoleille. I selected this one, knowing about the tuberose, because I love the imagery Laurie paints when talking about it:

“After school each day I spent my afternoons at a nearby barn riding horses and working until dark, and my favorite time of day was late afternoon when the setting sun created a beautiful golden glow on the hills in the distance and on the oaks all around me…Jour Ensoleille makes me think of that afternoon golden glow on the hills and oaks; it’s a happy scent for me.”

Thankfully, the tuberose settles down after the first ten minutes, and I can distinguish other notes (hooray!). Sandalwood, check. Beeswax, check. Myrrh, labdanum, vetiver and moss… check. Golden hues pulsating over a perfect end-of-summer day? Check.

After about five hours, the chypre character is in full-force. However, while quiet, the tuberose is still central to the composition making Jour Ensoleille a no-go for me. JE is beautiful, sophisticated, and well worth trying. I do think that I’ll wear it from time to time, but don’t see a full bottle in my future.

Official list of notes: “orange blossom, neroli, tuberose, jasmine, beeswax absolute, labdanum absolute, myrrh, sandalwood, ambergris, vetiver, green leaves, oakmoss absolute. Updated in Sept 2009.”

Above image borrowed from Dan65.

4 thoughts on “SSS, Day 2–part one: Jour Ensoleille

  1. Okay… wearing this for the second time today, and it occurs to me that either a) you really are hyperosmic to tuberose the way I am to patchouli or b) tuberose just sinks in and gets cuddly on me, i.e., I am the Tuberose Damper. About the only thing that is too BWF for me is Queen Fracas, because She Do Not Cuddle.

    JE is mostly jasmine and beeswax and sandalwood on me: hardly any chypre, hardly any OB or tubey or vetiver. It does smell like a golden summer day. I sometimes wonder if Laurie’s batches come out slightly different.

    1. Wow! Well, I’ll bet that part of my problem with tuberose has to do with hypernosmia, as you suggest. That wouldn’t surprise me at all! It’s possible that there are variations in batches, especially since Laurie uses some naturals, right? All I can say is that I need to do some tuberose de-sensitizing exercises so that I can enjoy fragrances containing the note; Jasmine and beeswax and sandalwood sounds utterly divine!

      I think that I’ll wear JE as my SOTE tonight and see if I can’t get past that pesky tuberose… 🙂


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