SSS, Day 2–part two: Rose Musc

Normally I run from musk: Musc Nomade= scrubber, Mure et Musc= scrubber. Having only two examples doesn’t really convey the sense of drama I was hoping for, but I’ve got a mental block when it comes to musk, and this is the best I can do.
So it is with some trepidation that I’ve selected Rose Musc—one of the three generous samples included with my box set—from Sonoma Scent Studio to test next. Join me live(ish) as I experience RM for the first time:

Sniffing the vial, but not yet on skin… Rose! I love rose.

Applying to skin… Cool, minty, green, rose.

I don’t understand what this wintergreen-ish note is, but I like it.

… followed by a nicely honeyed note. A little soapy after the first ten minutes—an ode to the classics maybe, but RM smells modern.

The musk here is a friendly one, and I say this with confidence because when a musk doesn’t work for me, it takes all of five seconds before I’m running for the nearest faucet.

Rose Musc is in the same band with Sa Majeste la Rose and Ta’if Roses, though less aggressive than either of those giants. I think I need to do a side-by-side with Rose Barbare, as RM reminds me more of that than anything else.

(off to dabble in the RB)

Wow, it took forever to find the Rose Barbare sample. But, I’m back to report my findings.

Turns out my memory was off—RB is totally different in character from RM, but I am sticking to my guns with the comparison to SMlaR and TR. The good news is that next to Rose Musc, Rose Barbare smells bitter and astringent. Ha! Those lemmings have been deftly defeated.

Rose Musc is a smoother, more elegant version of the roses from Lutens and Montale. I mentioned previously that I probably didn’t need to own Ta’if Roses because of its similarity to Sa Majeste la Rose, and I’m sticking to that assessment. The big fat HOWEVER is that I am now lemming a full bottle of Rose Musc.

I’m going to entertain myself for an hour (or three) then report back.

… And I’m back (again).

“I think I’m an-osmic, there doesn’t seem to be any musk ar-ound”
either that, or this musk just happens to perfectly blend with my skin. Hell yeah.

The lemming stands. Rose Musc has been added to my full-bottle wish list.

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