Shalimar Ode à la Vanille

Guerlain’s new limited edition Shalimar, Ode à la Vanille, is not the miracle Shalimar-haters have been waiting for. This is not the Shalimar that will be as Eau Premiere is to No. 5; if you dislike the original Oriental, save your dollars and your nose…

Because Ode à la Vanille is awesome! It smells just like the original, only a tad creamier, and a tad sweeter to my nose. As someone who has three bottles of extrait (two current formulation, one vintage), a bottle of vitnage EDT, and a vintage EDC, this fits happily in the cabinet with the rest of the Shalimar’s. Aside from L’Heure Bleue, it’s the only perfume I bother with in multiple concentrations, and I am very happy to add this new version to the rest.

The bright bergamot burst at the beginning has not been tempered, and it’s not until about 15 minutes that I even notice the differences. I sprayed it on my sweater, so I can’t comment yet on how it is on skin (will update later if anything interesting happens). What I will say is that the creamier elements make this version somewhat more work friendly than not. I usually hesitate to wear the old girl in anything more than EDC out of the house, but I can see that Ode and I are going to have many happy outings together.

***I should note that Ode is exclusive to Guerlain boutiques, and in very limited quantities. Mine came (via Daisy) from the Las Vegas boutique.
Image: Max Kurzweil. Woman in a Yellow Dress 1899


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