SOTD: Fifi Chachnil

Fifi Chachnil is a French lingerie boutique. The imagery surrounding FC is enough to turn a sensible gal like myself off—this includes the ridiculous bottle—but the perfume queen herself (Daisy) made me samples so that I wouldn’t have to look at the pink atrocity while sampling the wares. Today, on the left side of my person, I’m wearing the EDP. On the right, EDT.

The other lingerie boutique perfume I’m familiar with, Agent Provacateur, is high on my list of favorites, and contains similar notes; the pink panties theme led me to expect greater similarity than there actually is. Fifi is an ode to subtle sensuality; where AP is brazen, FC is kittenish. Notes be damned, I smell a delicate powdered rose… and just the faintest whiff of amber in the EDP that doesn’t make a peep in the EDT. The EDT seems a little pink-er, but that’s really all my untrained nose can distinguish.

It’s lovely!

Notes: citrus, fruits, coriander, powdery rose, amber, oriental notes, tabacco


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