Agent Provacateur

I bought AP un-sniffed after reading a few hundred reviews, because I thought that any fragrance that divides opinion along such lines must be interesting, and belongs in my collection.

The first spray was intense; the top notes are heavy hitting, and last quite a while. My reaction wasn’t so much love/hate as it was “Whoa!” followed by “What?” This perfume needed to be tried several times before I could form an opinion, and so here it is.
Many other reviewers have listed the notes, so I won’t do that– I will tell you that it’s very dry (I don’t get any sweet notes at all) yet very feminine. When I wear it, I can’t stop smelling my wrist, which is funny, because you don’t need to be anywhere near my wrist to smell it. AP is interesting. It’s challenging. It’s not something you’d wear to just smell pretty or nice. It demands attention; I think some people might have a problem with that aspect.

I don’t find anything in AP to hate, I’m surprised that people do. I also don’t love it, not yet anyway.

I do like wearing this perfume– it’s akin to riding the horse that tosses everyone else; trotting around making figure eight’s while bystanders watch slack-jawed with awe. It takes a little fearlessness to wear, and I think that’s pretty neat.


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