Bond No. 9 New York Saks Fifth Avenue En Rose

It’s really just En Rose, but the mile long title let’s you know that it’s a Saks Fifth Avenue (New York only) exclusive from Bond No. 9.

This is my first experience with the Bond No. 9 line; several of their fragrances have appealed to me, but the $215 price tag has always seemed just a little too aspirational, as they say. Lucky for me, I got in on a split, and my 10ml decant will probably last me a lifetime.

It’s a big fat pink rose with “lantana leaves, dry dates, mace, orange rose, tuberose, orris, amber, musk and sandalwood” (according to the Saks website). I smell it as a bright pink rose with tuberose, and I don’t get much else. It’s very sweet, fruity, and pretty smooth. Also extremely linear–I really wish that I could smell some “verbena-like” latana, but alas, there is nothing to tie it down. While I’ve never worn Givenchy’s Amarige, a woman I work with does, and this reminds me of it—if you like this sort of thing, I’d say go for the $40 bottle of Amarige.

En Rose is a pink foil heart-shaped balloon. Pretty, but not my thing.

Buy it from Saks.


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