Chanel no. 5

I got a tiny bit off track, and bought Chanel no. 5 EDT (2oz splash) and Chanel no. 5 Eau Premiere (5oz spray)… I didn’t mean to buy both, but sometimes these things just happen. Also, I got the complete sample set with 1ml each of the Parfum, EDP, EDT, Sensual Elixer, and Eau Premiere.
Reviews to follow soon! (Won’t that be fun?)


The Chanel’s have arrived, finally! My Scent Of The Day today is Eau Premiere, and it’s just as pretty as I remembered it being. It’s powdery, sweet, and abstract, yet somehow manages not to feel too girly (I tend to shy away from girly). It feels springy and bright, yet hints at more—the fact that “more” never actually arrives is irrelevant.
The husband wore No. 5 EDT yesterday (as my skin was portioned out to as many fragrances one body could contain), and it was fantastic on him. I’ll update again after trying it on my skin.

I can see why people divide perfume lovers (to some degree) into camps, two of which are Shalimar (my great love) and Chanel no. 5. Shalimar is lounging and exotic, while Chanel no. 5 is a business suit; but that business suit can easily be exchanged for a riding habit without missing a beat, and does not feel out of place in a collection dominated by smoky orientals and sensual skin scents. Both concentrations of this classic feel as if they’ve always been on my shelf; not new and exciting, but confident and sure.

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