SOTD: Layering Perfumes

Over the past week, it’s been getting really cold, and I have zero tolerance for weather below 70 degrees. So, I’ve been combatting the cold by layering. I’m currently wearing three pairs of pants, three shirts, and… four perfumes. I feel cozy, and I smell great. Like my outfit, these fragrances all go together well enough to leave the house without any embarrassment. In fact, I earned a rare “pull you into a squeeze because you smell so good” from the hubby who is usually quite stoic about how I smell.

1. Safran Troublant: I love the metalic discordance of the saffran, and the smooth modernity of the rose. The lush creaminess goes perfectly with,

2. Shalimar Ode a la Vanille: This new limited edition offering is a very nice riff on the original, but I find Ode to be much softer. Minimal sillage and low lasting power make it a fabulous layering piece. I especially like to accentuate the gourmand aspect with,

3. Tendre Madeleine: This scrumdiddlyuptious lemon-cookie-buttery-vanilla-with light florals and musk adds the equivalent of a slanket to anything it’s layered with. I’ve only very recently been converted to the gourmand fragrances, and I still need some precious woods to tie everything down. For the most perfect base to anchor my world, I turn to,

4. Champagne de Bois: This aldehyde tipped sandalwood & amber beauty has, like the rest of the SSS fragrances, a dry-down that is still partying 12-14 hours after a single spritz. It’s the creamiest sandalwood I’ve met, and blends beautifully with the rest of the company.

I feel good. I feel great. I smell wonderful.

2 thoughts on “SOTD: Layering Perfumes

  1. I was wondering how it will go if you combine all these perfumes together.I mean you use it on each of your layered clothing.Will it still be smell good or I’m sure it’s mixed.Anyway,it will be fine if it’s all there just don’t smell heavy.

    1. Hi Kelli,

      Well, I don’t spray them all in the same spot! 🙂 Usually, what I do is spray something on my wrists, then something different on my neck, maybe something on a scarf or sweater… then it’s more a mingling of the sillage than an actual alchemical experiment on skin!


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