Friday Mail: New Perfumes!

Like mail-carriers to perfume addicts the world over, my guy looks a little nervous every time I tear the door open to rip whatever he’s holding out of his arms. The fanatical parted mouth grin, the glazed yet determined focus on the packages, the less than two seconds it takes me to fly to the door after the bell rings… yes, it’s my favorite day of the week. New perfumes day!

Today’s catch includes three new perfumes, and two back-ups.

The back-ups:
Hermès Hiris
Hermès Kelly Caleche

The long-awaited new treasures:
Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche (mmmmmmm)
Chanel 28 La Pausa
Montale White Aoud

Ambre Fetiche is poised to become a favorite, but I’ve been lemming the White Aoud since the dawn of time. Aoud Queen Roses was one of my first niche purchases, and its subtle rose/oud beauty is a household favorite. I tried Black Aoud, and enjoyed it the first hour, and the 20th hour. Everything in-between was a little much.

Supposedly White Aoud is a lighter version, and with saffron to boot. I’ve been enjoying saffron more than usual lately (food spice? Check.), and in general, I like Montale perfumes. So, WA will be my Scent of The Day. Maybe even warrant a brief review later.


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