Giving Thanks

A three-hour drive each way over icy roads; a hot, over-crowded house; heels and pantyhose even though I’d rather be in fleece… it must be Thanksgiving!
My most favorite holiday for two reasons:
1. my mom (still) sends me presents, and
2. I love food. Seriously—it’s a holiday devoted to eating.

It took me less than five minutes to select my Thanksgiving Day outfit. It will take me less than a half-hour to do my hair and makeup.

I’ve been deliberating over which perfume to wear for weeks.
I considered the new Shalimar Ode a la Vanille, but it’s naf on lasting power. I thought about Traversee, but don’t want to blend into the dessert tray. The perfume I chose needed to be something tenacious, something that would stand out above the hot, foody din, but without being too obvious—which took Nuit de Tubereuse off the list. It should be elegant, a little spicy, with a touch of green… reaching into the perfume cabinet and pulling out Ormonde Jayne Woman for a tentative sniff, I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

Of course, everything is subject to change, and tomorrow morning at 6am when we dash out the door I may rebel and snatch up the bottle of Bois Blonde; but today, I’m calling OJ Woman the perfect Thanksgiving scent.

I’m thankful that I have a cabinet full of fragrant treasures to choose from.


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