4 thoughts on “Chanel Exclusive: No. 19 EDP

  1. Confused. Is the EDP not usually available in the US? It is sold in the department stores here (Australia), and has been forever, as far as I know. (I’m sure Chanel doesn’t love Australia for itself, necessarily, but we tend to benefit from distribution to Asia, I think.) It’s so odd that Chanel does this sort of thing, especially as the EDP can be bought readily on eBay. Anyway, every No 19 lover should have the EDP.

    As a Christmas present to myself I bought one of Chanel’s ‘Fragrance Wardrobe’ gift sets – 5 little bottles of parfum – No 5, No 19, Coco, Allure and Coco Mlle. These sets go for $110 where I live (very good value) and last year they sold out well before Xmas. So this year I got in early. I don’t wear CM but a friend does and I am so looking forward to giving it to her. Allure – not sure about. Have not heard good things, so we will see. The other three I wear a lot. Hurrah!

  2. Congratulations on your new set!!!! I almost bought it, just because it’s so fabulous, but the only parfum that I’d really want from the bunch is No. 19 (I have some No. 5 and Coco already).

    For some reason, No. 19 EDP disappeared from department store shelves a while back (here in the US), but I thought that it was still available at the boutiques. Maybe I’m wrong! Regardless, only the EDT is available at brick & mortars, much to my dismay.

    How Chanel makes these decisions is beyond me; for instance, how was Bois des Iles NOT one of the first to be released in the smaller sizes? WHY aren’t all the exclusives more readily available? WHY the heck can’t I buy BdL parfum in Portland, Oregon???

    Sigh. I really wish that industry insiders would read the perfume blogs. They’d do well to listen to what their audience wants.

    1. Sigh again. Yes, 31 RC is one of the more popular of the LEs, so did they release that in a smaller size? Nup. I always assume that the thinking with the exclusive range is just that – exclusivity. Chanel deliberately withholds the things it knows people want so as to increase desire. If everything was freely available everywhere all the time, it makes it seem humdrum and ordinary. I read recently that in the 1970s (i think) Chanel withdrew No 5 from many points of distribution because the stuff was becoming associated with drugstore items. Even if it loses money on the LEs, I don’t think Chanel cares. The LEs help increase the desirability of the brand overall.

      They have at least released Eau Premiere in 40 mls. A good sign.

      I too already had No 5 parfum. But, ahem, that did not stop me buying more!

      1. Anne, you’re totally right—it just makes me so mad! I mean, I love the thrill of the chase as much as anyone… but come on. All I want is a reasonable sized bottle. I can call New York for it!

        Given how poorly SA’s in department stores are trained (and how little they care) I suppose maintaining tight control over who’s selling the LE’s makes sense (begrudgingly admitted).



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