Annick Goutal, Ambre Fetiche (not a review)

Ambre Fetiche, one of four in Goutal’s Orientalist collection created with Isabell Doyen, goes for $135 (50mL) and $175 (100mL) at Luckyscent, respectively. Beautyhabit, however, is having a sale, and you can get the 100mL square bottle for a mere $140.

I caved and bought a bottle, but wanted to wait until it arrived before talking about it, even though I’ve worn it from my sample vial at least five times. Why wait? Well, because the deal that I got seemed too good to be true, and I had to make sure it wasn’t before commencing with the shouts of joy and bragging.

My 100mL bottle was purchased from Beauty Encounter, by way of Amazon, for $65.00. Yup, $65 bucks.

Now I’ve got your attention. The question is, Was that deal too good to be true??? When the box arrived, it was still sealed with the AG sticker, and looked perfect. The perfume bottle itself gave me a minute of concern when the sprayer didn’t work—but, as it turns out, you can unscrew the spray mechanism for decanting with a pipette. While I was deciding which size atomizer to decant it into, I found that the sprayer does indeed work—it’s just a little glitchy. If I had to guess, I’d say that the bottle was from a defective batch (who’d pay $175 for a glitchy bottle?). If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing this wonder, hop on over to Amazon now and snag one while the getting is good.

The husband and I both currently smell like a dream.

Read two great reviews on this fragrance from Now Smell This: Kevin’s, and Angela’s.

Image of Ambre Fetiche mine, painting by Boris Vallejo.


3 thoughts on “Annick Goutal, Ambre Fetiche (not a review)

  1. You know, I was willing to pay top dollar for it, and it was just a random miracle that I acquired it for such a good price 🙂 At least you got your money’s worth!

    I’m not sure if I’ll talk more about it… but you should! I liked your review of Musc Nomade—it cracked me up though, because I have the opposite problem with it: HUGE hypernosmia, to the point that it made my physically ill!

    Thanks for reading! 😉


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