Sleep Scent: Prada Infusion d’Iris

In my fragrance wardrobe, Prada perfumes fall in nicely next to JHAG perfumes: they’re pretty, easy to wear, and if you do your homework—inexpensive. Since I have a 75mL bottle of L’Eau Ambree on the way (my last un-sniffed purchase, I swear), I thought that I would spend a little time re-visiting Infusion d’Iris.

Infusion d’Iris is as the name implies—it’s a light, floating iris; think of it as the diet, caffeine-free version of Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist. Prada skips the earthy, carroty phase of ISM, and straight to cool, smooth iris over delicate woods. I’m fond of the Lutens, but the diet version is much easier to wear. Infusion is graceful, possesses intelligence and aplomb—this lady never has frizzy hair or dark circles under her eyes.

Normally I wouldn’t chose iris anything for a sleep scent, but after spritzing (twice), I’m reminded how beautifully this perfume blends into the skin. It’s not cozy, but it is optimistic—not a bad mood to set before bed.

Painting is Les Iris, by Van Gogh


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