Prada L’Eau Ambree, or, Infusion d’Iris goes Brunette

I can’t remember how I ended up with the original Prada Amber (Prada EDP), but end up with it I did, and grow to love it I did. It’s one of my go-to casual scents, and I’ve been hankering to try L’Eau Ambree since it’s release about a year and a half ago. Strangely, several department stores that I visited—including a Sephora—did not have a tester in stock, so when I found a tester bottle on eBay for a criminally low price ($29.99 for 75mL), I took the plunge.

Katie Puckrik described L’Eau Ambree as “a silk chiffon scarf oriental.” Robin at Now Smell This commented that when she sprayed L’Eau Ambree, she double-checked the bottle to make sure she hadn’t accidently sprayed Infusion d’Iris, there being so much similarity at first snuff (or sniff).

My first spritz of L’EA was, despite fair warning, a surprise. It really does smell like Infusion d’Iris in the first blast. Not identical, but darned close. A little warmer, perhaps, a little softer too. Compared to the original Amber it’s much more sheer, and after half a day in L’Eau Ambree, I can tell you that I prefer the beginning of L’Eau, and the dry-down of the original.

I have this notion that some scents smell like they belong on Blondes, and others on Brunettes—am I alone in this? L’Eau Ambree smells like the naturally-blonde Infusion d’Iris went Brunette.

Painting: Scarf Dance by Dinet

4 thoughts on “Prada L’Eau Ambree, or, Infusion d’Iris goes Brunette

  1. I love L’Eau Ambree as well. The funny thing is I don’t see the similarity to Infusion D’Iris, that I remember as being almost cold in sharp contrast to warm and soft L’Eau Ambree. Must go and reaquaintance myself with Infusion, it has been a while…;)

    1. I think I may have been particularly sensitive since I wore Id’I the night *and* morning before wearing L’EA, so it was very present—if that makes sense!
      Iris is cooler than Ambree, but the warmth of Ambree is more like a beam of sunlight on a gray day, whereas say, Ambre Fetiche is a thick blanket kind of warm 🙂

      A side-by-side comparison post might be in order!


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