Serve Yourself, a Bandwagon post

A frequent criticism of the way fragrance is sold in-store is that the sales staff have little knowledge about what they are selling. Brands such as Chanel and Jo Malone and UK retailer The Perfume Shop have internal training programmes which are regarded as “the gold standard” of the fragrance industry. However, the recession has resulted in many others putting a moratorium on consultant training. —SpecialChem

Problem: SA’s aren’t helpful, or available

Solution: Givaudan’s iPerfumer

“We aim to lead growth initiatives for the fine fragrance category through education.”
–Felix Mayr-Harting, Givaudan global head of fine fragrance

There’s been some noise on the blogs lately about two topics near and dear to my heart: 1.) The myriad of new (and old) perfume blogs, which Birgit answered nicely at Olfactoria’s Travels, and 2.) The problems we all face when shopping for perfume at brick and mortar stores—check out “For Older Women Only” at Bois de Jasmin.


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