Multi-tasking: Hair and Lips

I’m always on the prowl for quality lip balms and treatments, and I’ve spent far too much money over the years learning what does and does not work for me. I have full lips prone to excessive dryness, cracking, and bleeding (yeah, gross, I know), and I haven’t met with many products that pass muster over the long haul. I recently acquired a few Argan oil based products for my hair, and having been pleased with the results was ready to try an Argan oil based lip treatment. Just as I was ready to click “add to cart” over at Sephora (Josie Maran has quite a few Argan-based products), I thought, “Hey! Let’s take a look in the cabinet first!” Reading the ingredient lists narrowed my top choice down to Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil Gloss and Shine Polisher. Yep, a hair product! And yeah, I’m going to put it on my lips!

Before you mark me down as nuttier than argan, have a sneak peak at the key ingredients: silicone, argan oil, olive oil, honey, aloe, wheat protein, and a few standard preservatives.

Applied to my lips, the Argan oil looked glossy for a moment, then absorbed into the lips—disappearing completely leaving a matte finish. They had some slip for a few minutes, then felt like freshly exfoliated lips. I still need the balm or gloss step, as a protective measure, but this oil negates the need for exfoliation. The less tugging and rubbing around the mouth, the fewer wrinkles in the long run.

The Creme of Nature Argan oil runs about $8, and can be found in the ethnic section of your local drugstore. Not bad for a multi-tasking product!

3 thoughts on “Multi-tasking: Hair and Lips

  1. D, you have such a beautiful blog, from the layout to the choice of images! Just browsing is a pleasure.
    This product caught me eye, because I love argan oil. I first encountered it in cooking, but then a Moroccan friend said that you can use it to make skin and hair very soft. Of course, pure oil is very heavy, so I am always on a lookout for a more diluted version. Sounds like this might be the one to try. Thank you for reviewing it!

    1. Victoria,

      You are so kind! Thank you for your encouragement, and thank you for reading my blog.

      Argan oil is fabulous stuff, and this particular formulation is 100% multi-purpose.

      When I try something, I try it everywhere (just to see what happens!), and I can happily tell you that this stuff is great not only on hair and lips, but on the hands and even my Coclico tall boots. Try and picture, if you will, a skinny brunette stalking around the house with a bottle of hair-serum, applying it to seemingly random items then waiting for results…

      My husband thinks I’m a total nerd-fest, but hey, if you find something good—right? LOL.

  2. Danielle, my husband would agree with yours! Yet, that is one of the reasons they love us. :))

    I am fairly certain I saw this brand at my local Duane Reade, so I will check it out during my lunch break (unless it is too cold to venture out!)


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