Tauer Perfumes, Reverie au jardin

Ooooh, Lavender. I like lavender. In fact, the very first tincture I ever made was lavender—not that it was a success, I just want to illustrate how much I like lavender. Despite this fondness for the purple buds, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a perfume featuring the note. Lavender tends to fall into the masculine category for some reason, and maybe that’s why I don’t encounter it much in perfumery.

Lavender certainly doesn’t tell the whole story of Reverie au jardin—and gods, what a story it tells. After every few key strokes, I’m effecting Wrist-to-Nose posture… and having a hard time staying on task. Wow!

A little powder from the orris, a little soapy too–is that the rose? I love the smooth and slightly bitter sandalwood, and apparently I’m a freak for cedar. Reverie to be sure. I wish that I was doing a live, Katie Puckrik style video review, because I keep saying, “WOW!”, and it feels hilarious. Definitely an incense-y, outdoorsy (hello fir balm and frankincense!) streak here, which in my head I’m labeling “masculine,” but to call this perfume masculine doesn’t seem right. Too plush, too velvety, too sensual for just the guys. There’s a little kittenish growl (galbanum?) that reminds me how sexy a woman looks in menswear. Reverie au jardin is sweet, but it doesn’t feel sweet. It’s a similar effect that I noticed with Traversée du Bosphore; in fact, Traversée du Bosphore and Reverie au jardin are kissing cousins—they aren’t smell alikes, but they embody a similar spirit.

The far dry-down does, however, smell blandly masculine—but it takes a heck of a long time to get there. Minimum 12-hour lasting power (on my skin), though with minimum sillage. Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Tauer!

6 thoughts on “Tauer Perfumes, Reverie au jardin

  1. I am delighted, that you enjoy your First Tauer so much. With a Tauer perfume for me, it is like a never ending journey, you sit, nose to wrist and marvel at things happening before your very nose. RDJ has a very masculine leaning on me, I find myself not often in the mood for it, but I think it is an amazing composition.

    1. For some reason, my skin seems to amplify darker, sensual notes in any fragrance, so with this one, it smells *very* sensual with masculine over-tones. This particular effect is new to me, and is quite thrilling 🙂

      “marvel at things happening before your very nose” That is the perfect description! I’m wearing it again today, and I continue to marvel… tomorrow is Orange Star, and I’m nearly giddy with anticipation.

      I just need to decide which perfumes to try in the Discovery Set; what do you recommend???

      1. It is hard to decide, isn’t it? That’s why I eventually got two discovery sets, lol.
        But since you ask: Incense Rose is wonderful (so good, I got a full bottle), Une Rose Chypree should be compulsory smelling for every perfumista and for its quintessential “Taueriness” L’Air du Desert Marocain. The last one is not (yet) for me, but an exercise in complexity. But with Tauer I’ve gone through rough patches with almost every fragrance, I wrestled with it and ended up adoring it in the end. Not one left me cold…

        1. LOL, I’m so glad that my two top choices are your two top recommendations! Incense Rose and Une Rose have been on my “sniff” list for some time, but the unexpectedness of RDJ left me a little off-kilter…

          L’Air du Desert Marocain is talked about so much, it almost seems silly not to acquire it—as you say, for it’s “Taueriness.”

          Le Maroc Pour Elle and Eau D’Epices (I LOVE corriander!) are the likely candidates for the other two!


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