Tauer Perfumes: Sampling

Today I am the lucky recipient of two Tauer Perfumes: Reverie au jardin and Orange Star. Birgit, from Olfactoria’s Travels, sent these samples all the way from Austria, just so I could smell some Tauer’s! She’s sweet!

I’ve been wanting to try Andy’s fragrances for a while, and have had my eye on the Discovery Set forever, but just never took that leap—you know, the one that requires credit card information. 😉 The set itself is a great deal. For about $32USD, you can select five fragrances (1.5mL each, with a few exceptions) which will then be shipped (at no extra cost) to you in a lovely little package… as seen here on the right.

I’m excited to try these new treasures! Now, I just need to decide which one is going to be first…

Reverie au jardin Notes
Lavender, galbanum, fir balm, bergamot, rose absolute, frankincense, ambrette seeds, orris, vetiver, tonka beans, oakmoss, vanilla, ambergris, sandalwood and cedar wood

Orange Star Notes
clementine, red mandarine, lemongrass essential oil, orange flower, violet flower, ambergris, vanilla, patchouli, ambreine

4 thoughts on “Tauer Perfumes: Sampling

  1. Right. That does it. Once I’ve recovered from Christmas, I’m ordering one of these sets. They are a very good deal. I’ll spend some time between now and then deciding what to pick. Like, you, I’ve been eyeing the Discovery Set for a while. Reverie au Jardin sounds perfect.

    1. Reverie au Jardin is gorgeous—I think another L’Heure Bleue fan would appreciate it’s eccentricities!

      After christmas… ah, I hear you. My “after Christmas” list is growing daily 🙂

    1. Birgit,

      Based on the notes alone, I wasn’t hopeful for RaJ—that’s why I tried it first (to get it over with! 😉 ) As soon as it arrived yesterday I put it on and had no choice but to wear it as a sleep scent—so tenacious! Fortunately, I really *really* like it; it’s kind of an odd duck though, isn’t it?

      I hope you’ll share more of your thoughts about it; I’m curious to see where our tastes overlap and where they diverge 🙂


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