Tauer Perfumes, Orange Star

When Kevin reviewed Orange Star back in May, I remember reading about it and thinking, “Orange blossom: nope,” and moving on without a second thought. I don’t hate orange blossom, but it certainly doesn’t inspire a lemming. Orange Star also contains violet flower—and, as I’ve mentioned before, violet is a tough note for me. Unless it’s blended so smoothly that I can’t notice it (Attrape Coeur is a nice example), it’s pretty much intolerable.

However, having been unexpectedly awed by Reverie au jardin, I approach Orange Star prepared to marvel.

Right out of the gate it’s sticky-sweet oranges—you know those brightly colored “orange-slice” candies that are coated in crystalized sugar? Like that, but only for a minute or two (thank the gods), followed by a ginger-ale inspired fizzing vibration that is absolutely celebratory. Fanta? Crush? More like Crush mixed with Canada Dry. Don’t get me wrong, this is smooth with a capital “S”. Smooth like the skin of a well-scrubbed 7-year-old at her birthday party at which she overindulges in the soda because she isn’t allowed to have it during the rest of the year.

It’s pretty, but not particularly interesting. Would make a good gift for an easy-going husband or man-friend.


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