Things I Hate: Robert Piguet Fracas

Launched in 1948 by Robert Piguet, created by Germaine Cellier, Fracas is hailed as “… indisputably the queen of all tuberose fragrances,” and it is the reference carnal fragrance… according to those in the know.

I say, “those in the know,” because to me, it smells like pink candy in the mouth of an innocent. As far as I’m concerned, it is the least carnal, least sensual, childishly girlish perfume I’ve smelled since the original Love’s Baby Soft. It’s as if the troublesome elements of every feminine perfume I’ve ever met were dumped into a steaming vat with unicorns, kittens, pink, purple, and sparkles. Think Lisa Frank.

FYI, I love She-Ra.

2 thoughts on “Things I Hate: Robert Piguet Fracas

  1. Ahhh, but have you smelled the vintage? Innocent it is not! The florals have the personality of carnivorous flowers, dangerous and decadent! The reformulation is but a pale imitation.

    I can’t say I love Fracas (I regret it every time I put it on) because it is TOO MUCH. It could have been called Poison just as easily as Fracas. But I always come back to it because it’s dark and beautiful…

    (BTW. I agree with you about Beyond Paradise. WTF?!)

    1. Hi Barbara,

      No, I have not tried the vintage Fracas—but it sounds interesting… I like the idea of carnivorous flowers, and “dark and beautiful” is pretty much my favorite category! 😉


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