Things I Hate: Dior, Miss Dior Cherie

While it’s true that I’ve begun to appreciate sweeter fragrances, there are some lines I was never meant to cross. This morning, when I was rummaging around my sample basket, looking for something I haven’t tried yet, I came across Miss Dior Cherie, and thought, “Why not?”

Why not indeed.

How I acquired this sample, I do not know. I think there’s a rule in horror movies that says you should not play with things that just “appear” out of nowhere into your bedroom. If my life was a movie, the watchers would have been squealing, “Don’t touch it! Run Away!” But then there wouldn’t be a movie, and dang it, you paid twelve bucks for the show.

The first blast is a blast-your-face-off deluge of hyper-sweet strawberry. I’m led to believe that this is what is referred to as a “fruitchuli,” but I don’t notice any balancing, earthly patchouli tempering this electric juice. I’m hypernosmic to patchouli, usually, so maybe the version used in this perfume is what’s called a “clean” patchouli.

For readers with greater sophistication than I posses, let me recommend Robin’s review at Now Smell This.

For those of us with a more perverse streak: Miss Dior Cherie smells like My Little Pony ate Rainbow Bright, then puked her up on a rainbow on mid-summer’s day. Yeah, awesome.

Right: a Pony I would rather smell.

Please remember that this is my personal opinion, and is by no means a declaration that the perfume is, in fact, bad. I just hate it.

10 thoughts on “Things I Hate: Dior, Miss Dior Cherie

    1. I’m glad you can laugh—I’m always a little afraid of who I’m going to alianate with my “Things I Hate” reviews, but we are who we are, right? 🙂

      Glad to hear you were horrified too, LOL.

    1. ChickenFreak (love the name!!!),

      Ironically, this is one of those weird perfumes that *can* smell good on some people—kind of like Yves Rocher Rose Absolu, which was HORRIBLE on me (sweet, sticky, pink mess), but smelled really good on my mom… and yep, MDC smells good on her too!

      This particular fragrance is dangerous, because if you do hate it, it has the half-life of plutonium. For real. 😉

      Isn’t that Cthulhu Pony awesome! I freaking love it! LOL:)

  1. I actually don’t mind this one. Would I buy it? Never. Would I wear? No. A friend of mine wore this, well, the EDP when it first came out. It fit her so nicely and she isn’t a juvenile. Very sassy, Nigerian, beautiful, intelligent. So, I associate this smell with her which really changes my perception of this scent.I know it was a perfume marketed to the “Miss” and it does have hurl-a-rific notes of strawberry and caramel popcorn!
    This is just one of those scents that gives me pleasant memories of a person that I no longer see now. If I didn’t associate it with a person, then it would be another nasty ole strawberry-popcorn-patchouli, yikes.

    1. You paint a lovely image of your friend, and I can imagine smelling it on her: it sounds like a beautiful duet.

      The combination of skin chemistry, anosmia, and hypernosmia all work to conspire against me with this one! But, I also genuinely believe that it can (and does) smell good on some people. 🙂

      When I sprayed it on my skin, I did so because I remember my mom testing it on a trip to Macy’s over this past summer—and I remembered liking it, and wanting to try it on myself at some future date. She seems to smell great in several things that are a disaster on me; above I mentioned YR Rose Absolue, but you can also add Tresor and Chocolate Greedy to that list!

      Maybe my skin amps up the sweetness factor? Has this ever happened to you?

  2. Can’t think how I missed this post because I loathe MDC. I loathe it with a passion that is fired by my love of the original Miss Dior. I mean REALLY. How could they?

    I’ve heard it said that the MCD L’eau is not so bad … ?

    Great pix dee.

    1. AM– I don’t know the original MD, but if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that MDC must be a far cry. MDC, in very tiny amounts, would be wonderful for perfuming the mane and tail of your My Little Ponies, or the Barbies who take care of them.

  3. So I just started dinking around on the blog looking for Things I Hate posts… and what do I see but one of my candidates for Most Hated Perfume Evah, Miss Dior Cherie?

    I seem to be hypersensitive to patchouli, and there is a honkin’ megaton of it in MDC. Combine the sour earthiness with strawberry Jell-O, and it is indeed hurlarific.

    (Fun review. Snark is such a release, isn’t it?)

    1. I find that I’m a nicer person overall if I’m horrible on occasion 😉

      MDC is stunningly awful, and it’s funny that you just found this post, because my latest “Things I Hate” smells so much like it that my head is quite nearly spinning!
      Hypernosmia is tough—it seems to be making tuberose really hard for me to tolerate, even in the smallest quantities. However, on the plus side, I seem to also be hypernosmic to orris, and I love the note! Whee-ha! You win some, you lose some!


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