Hugo Boss, Baldessarini Del Mar

Goodness, where do I find this stuff? I swear, like Miss Dior Cherie before it, I have no idea where my spray sample of Baldessarini Del Mar by Hugo Boss came from. It just transported itself into my sample basket from a dungeon dimension.

The kids at Basenotes are equally divided: 13 Positive Reviews • 12 Neutral Reviews • 13 Negative Reviews, and that’s about what this smells like. It’s not horrible, it’s fine.

It’s fine! Has ever a worse pronouncement been made on a fragrance? Recommended for the high-school locker room.

Notes: citrus, black pepper, cedar, cinnamon, cardamom, oliban, patchouli, vetiver, and amber. Ignore the notes, they are meaningless. Sporty men’s aquatic, 2005, by Alberto Morillas.


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