1st Quarter Perfume Buying Begins

Drumroll please… the first fragrance purchased in 2011 (by me, anyway) was:

Yves Rocher Vanille Noire, swiftly followed by Voile d’ambre…

From the Secrets d’Essences collection, Vanille Noire was created by Jacques Cavallier and released in September 2010. The opportunity to sample it hasn’t presented itself—I’m quite fond of this affordable perfume line!—and when I saw a 5mL mini on eBay for five bucks… well, you know how it is. I look forward to reporting back with a review!

In the meantime, read the announcement and some fun comments at NST.

2 thoughts on “1st Quarter Perfume Buying Begins

  1. Thank you, Happy New Year to you!!!

    My appetite for vanilla in fragrance has been whetted (thank you, Havana Vanille & SDV), and I’m really looking forward to trying this and the amber! 🙂


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