A Few of My Favorite Things: Dior Mitzah

Mailmen Beware! Enthusiastic Perfumista Resides Here.

Recently I participated in a bottle-split of Dior Mitzah, and my package finally arrived! My Scent ‘O’ the Morning still going strong, I was nonetheless generously coating my hide in Mitzah by 3pm Tuesday.

Mitzah smells like a “Best Of” compilation of all my favorite perfumes: Iris Taizo (Iris Oriental), Ambre Fetiche, L’Ombre Fauve, even a touch of Traversée du Bosphore. She opens with flair—amber, iris, leather, rose, followed by powdery violet—a cosmetic powder accord that I’m growing fond of. Neither iris, nor leather, nor violet are listed as notes, so I’ll admit it’s possible these effects are created by other elements 🙂

A stunningly beautiful perfume, but I’m not getting the “must buy full bottle” itch. Mitzah is a familiar fragrance. It smells like that first waft that greets me each morning (and afternoon, and evening, and sometimes in between) when I open up my cabinet to decide what to wear for the day.

Notes: Coriander, Damask Rose, Cinnamon, Labdanum, Cistus, Vanilla, Honey, Patchouli, Frankincense

16 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Dior Mitzah

  1. Interesting! Sounds like the ideal “I can´t decide today!” fragrance 😉
    How about longevity with this one? Are the Diors like Les Exclusifs in that respect?

    1. That’s exactly it! It’s the perfect, “can’t decide” perfume.

      I applied one spritz in the afternoon, and then one again later in the evening, and I’d say that both the sillage and lasting power are better than the Chanel’s… but I think that these Dior’s are EDP’s (someone correct me if that’s wrong).

    1. Ines, it’s part of the new Dior series that’s a sort of mimicry of the Chanel Les Exclusifs: they’re huge bottles with aspirational pricing, and limited availability. Monica, the gal that hosted the split, is in Taiwan… probably the line can be found in New York, but for sure from Collette in Paris.

      It is good, and worth trying!

    1. Your least favorite? Well, that bodes well for the rest of the collection! I like it enough that I’ll use up the 10mL, but I don’t see myself forking out for more when it’s gone.

      However, I now want to track down and sample the rest!

  2. I used to love two – only two! – Diors…Miss Dior, before she was murdered, and Dioressence. (Likewise!) This sounds like it has some of the same notes as Dioressence, and that piques my relentless curiosity! On the other hand…maybe not.

    My wish list is already quite long enough…!;-)

    1. You should try it if you come across it, but there are so many other things…

      Mitzah captures the spirit of the genre. If you have many good amber-orientals, do you really need a well-done version that synthesizes all the amber-orientals you already own? Not a full bottle, at any rate 🙂

  3. I have one amber. I’ve always hated amber – especially some of those skin-eating monsters that never, ever quit – and then. One dark and stormy night, I met Ambre Sultan. That was it. I was instantly reduced to melted cherry Jell-O. So I just think I’ll sit back and watch the fireworks of other amber lovers…:D

    1. At first I kind of wrote them off, but Mitzah was impressive, if not awe-inspiring, and after Marina noted that the others are *better* than Mitzah… well.
      I think I’ll slowly pursue trying the rest!


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