Yves Rocher Mini’s: Vanille Noire & Voile d’Ambre

Here are two likable, easy-to-wear, and affordable eau de parfums by Yves Rocher. Vanille Noire is the studious young niece of the boozy Spiritueuse Double Vanille, while Voile d’Ambre is cousin to Prada’s L’eau Ambree.

While neither inspires visions of ethereal delights, they’d both be great for layering purposes— which is how I plan use them!

My mini’s were acquired via eBay for $5 each 🙂

3 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Mini’s: Vanille Noire & Voile d’Ambre

  1. I had those, but swapped them away. There is quite a way to go from Vanille Noire to Spiritueues DV, imo. But for such a price they are actually very nicely done.
    I adore the cute flacons, though. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, nothing to get excited about here—they wear almost like what you’d expect from a scented lotion or bath gel, I think, so good for boosting more sophisticated stuff.

      A long way off from SDV, but within the family, no?


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