Un-Sniffed Buying & SOTD

That non-blonde temptress, Gaia, wrote a review of Yohji Homme last week that resulted in an un-sniffed purchase within minutes of reading her post. I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to do this any more; luck runs out at some point, and I’ve been very lucky in this department up ’till now.

Here’s what happened. She wrote a great review, hitting all my Lemming inducing buttons at once. Then she tells us that it’s discontinued, and a little research tells me that un-opened bottles of this stuff go for a small fortune (or large fortune, on my income). I hop over to eBay, just to have a look, and what do I find? A 15mL bottle in a box set with a 50mL shampoo… for $25. “Buy it now!” the listing demanded, and I did. I do realize that eight such “steals” is equal to one gigantic bottle of Bois des Iles, but let me tell you, this one was too enticing to pass up. I’ll report back with results. 🙂

Scent of the Day: L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Havana Vanille

11 thoughts on “Un-Sniffed Buying & SOTD

  1. I hate that “Buy it now!” imperative of eBay, I am often intimidated into buying it now. It would be impolite not to, wouldn’t it?
    Looking forward to your review!

    1. “intimidated into buying it now” made me laugh out loud! Yes, I’ve been known to be intimidated into making a purchase, ’cause who knows when such a deal will be found again?!?


  2. I hesitate to tell what I found on eBay today…a vintage Narcisse Noir in extrait, three quarters full, for $25. I smell a whole colony of rats in there somewhere.

    So let us know whether your lemming attack was worth it! That’s half the thrill of unsniffed…as well as half the peril, too! 😉

    1. Buy it now for $25???? Holy rat colonies!

      Well, Yohji Homme arrived today (Monday!), and since I was wearing HV, I sprayed it on the hubby. This evening, now that HV has faded away, I’ve just sprayed myself with YH. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow too, and then report back—although I will say, so far so good!

      Tarleisio, for some reason I think that you would like this one (maybe it’s the Chene association) or if not you, then your protagonist would really like it! 🙂

  3. I hope the god of Unsniffed Perfume Purchases continues to smile on you. I’ve had mostly good luck, but in recent times bought Emeraude and Norell unsniffed, hoping against hope that I had vintage. Vintage or no, I found Norell harsh and unpleasant. And Emeraude turned out to be the perfume my former mother-in-law wears. I had no idea she wore perfume, always assuming that the scent she wore was an accumulation of hair spray, face powder, lipstick and so on. Nup. It was Emeraude. I like and respect her very much, but could not possibly wear Emeraude. Sounds awful I know.

    Scent of the Evening: Granville (one of those new Diors).

    1. Oh no Anne-Marie! I’m laughing with you about the Emeraude— what are the chances? Such an unpleasant association!

      Well, perfume gods continue to smile on me, since YH arrived yesterday, and it smells quite lovely. It’s not what I expected at all, especially after reading many reviews—it’s softer and much more subtle than MUA reviewers lead me to believe! I wore it as my sleep scent last night, and plan to wear it again today to get a better feel for it.

      But back to you—how about a post about un-sniffed purchases? Can I talk you into it?? 😉

      1. Umm … yes, I’ll have a think about a post on unsniffed purchases and have a go on the weekend, when I am child-free. Glad the YH seems to be turning out well.

  4. As for me – you know the saying, I’m sure. Try something once, I’m an existentialist. Try it twice, I’m a pervert. I’ll try anything at all at least three times before I make up my mind! 😉

    I believe that’s what they call…”corrupted”..LOL

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