Carried by the Wind

Today Robin noted the launch of the three new Cartier fragrances in their Les Heures de Parfum series, but I have eyes (nose?) for only one: L’Heure Fougueuse.

Denyse wrote about it on Grain de musc back in September:

The horsy accord kicks in as a whiff of something funky and a little hay-like with the saddle thrown in – that horse-sweat facet you get from narcissus absolute or some qualities of jasmine –, as though carried by the wind.

Some of the happiest moments of my life were spent with my mare Duchess (pictured above), who, over our more than eight years together, got me through some difficult times.

She entered my life when I was twelve, a terrifying, balking beast who came to me because the last woman to ride her was in a hospital bed with a coma from a severe head injury (the two parted ways unpleasantly during a ride through the woods). Duchess and I were two wide-eyed, terrified girls, filled to the brim with potential, but hostile towards the world at large. We spoke the same language, and racing through the woods, tearing over sand dunes, even swimming through ponds when it was hot enough, we found peace together.

What I love so much about the fragrance Bois Blond is that it reminds me of those long, hot, New England days in the late summer, alone and happy with my best friend, the sun-baked aroma of hay carried in the wind of our passing.

One of the things I’ve been longing for in a perfume is her smell.
Could L’Heure Fougueuse be it?

9 thoughts on “Carried by the Wind

    1. Thank you B., I hope so too!

      I’m wearing Dzing! today, which comes really close… but isn’t quite horsey enough 🙂

      Glad you liked my story! She was my first love, and probably the reason I didn’t have a serious boyfriend until I met my husband, LOL.

    1. The strong, golden hay-note brings back memory of the ride itself…

      It caught me off guard, the first time I smelled Bois Blond—it was as if I was transported back in time to one of those gloriously sunny days.

      Wearing Dzing! brings me to a little bit different place: I used to, after a long ride (and completing my barn chore)s, lay across Duchess’ bare back as she stood in her stall and munched hay—this is what Dzing! smells like to me.

      But there is another smell still, the one I hope to find in the Cartier: When you’re riding, and you gleefully lean forward and bury your face into the mane—that warm, clean sweat, dust, and leather (from the proximity of a well-oiled saddle) smell that is so distinctive and wonderfully divine.

    1. My sample of L’Heure Fougueuse arrived today… it’s STUNNING!

      I’m not sure if it it’s a perfect fit, but it’s darned close—it’s a beautiful perfume version of my favorite equine.

      A full bottle probably won’t be in my future, but a decant? Yes, sir!


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