13 thoughts on “Friday Mail: New Perfumes!

    1. Champagne de Bois! Probably I shouldn’t be telling, since the cart isn’t back up yet for the Exclusive Collection frags, but I can’t help myself. I’m ecstatic!

      I e-mailed Laurie, and begged her to make me a bottle, a request which she graciously granted. That’s the kind of customer service that will keep me coming back for more.

  1. Do I get to be (more than slightly) jealous about all the things you get to try?
    Do I look forward to reading all about them?
    Will I still be jealous after your reviews?
    Yes. I believe the phrase is…green with envy!


    1. Usually things trickle in, but having all these arrive at one time nearly put me into a catatonic state—maniacal laughter could be heard emanating from my house for probably a square-mile.

      I feel so lucky that I get to do this 🙂

  2. Aaah, great bunch of perfumes. Lucky Dee! SSS looks so elegant. I love these peeks into stashes, pictures of perfume make me positively giddy. It is a sickness, but my consolation is, it could be so much worse.

    1. It’s a sickness of the privileged, to be sure! It is a wonderful batch—although, bless Victoria for her generosity—the Carnal Flower does NOT work for me! Tuberose and I are not friends.

      The SSS bottle is even better in person. The weight of the glass, the elegantly sloped shoulders… and the smell. The smell!


        1. Really? For some reason I was thinking you liked it—I can’t imagine why! I keep trying, but so far the only one that I like is apparently the one that does not smell like tuberose: Nuit de Tubereuse.

          I think you will like NdT too—it’s got a great green, vegetal opening that is wonderfully weird. 🙂

          1. Carnal Flower doesn’t work for me either. So, after trying 3 perfumes known for their tuberose: Tubéreuse (without “Nuit”), Fracas and recently CF, – I can safely say that this note doesn’t work for me. I tried.

  3. Oh what a lovely bunch of fragrances!

    Laurie at SSS does offer great customer service. I will def. be back for more.

    I have a sample of Champagne de Bois not yet tested. I know what fragrance I’ll be wearing tonight!

    Enjoy your new perfumes!


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