Wednesday Mail: New Perfumes!

My most recent swap arrived in the mail today: I love getting new perfumes!

Amouage Memoir Woman :: L’Artisan Vanilia :: L’Artisan Méchant Loup :: Montale Aoud Velvet :: Montale Pure Gold :: Malle Portrait of a Lady :: Guerlain Insolence :: YSL Belle D’Opium :: Neil Morris Vanille Rosé

I can’t wait to try all this great new stuff!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Mail: New Perfumes!

  1. You had a very good week. (But so did I, my camera is on the fritz, but as soon as I have the means I want to post about your great package :))
    I am curious as to how you will like Portrait, should be your cup of tea.

    1. An unusually good week; I’m dancing the fine line between nervous exhaustion at work, and giddy delirium at home!

      Portrait… oooh, so many expectations! One of my most reliable scent-twins loves it, so I’m a little nervous.

      I put Memoir on in the afternoon yesterday, and this morning, about 18 hours later it’s still going, it’s… Aha! You’ll have to wait 🙂

      **yes, I’m a dork.

  2. I’m also curious what you will think of Portrait, I saw both very good reviews and some not so wonderful so now I don’t know what to think. BUt considering which house it came from, I’m leaning toward it being great. 🙂

    1. I wonder if it really is as polarizing as all that? As you say, the reviews are both good and bad…

      Probably I’ll spend the day with it tomorrow! Can’t wait!

  3. Neil Morris! I have some samples of his, and so far Gotham and Parfum d’Odette are my favorites.

    Very curious to hear your opinion of Pure Gold. Ines at All I am is a Rehead reviewed it in December and had me drooling. It’s not a fragrance I would typically try so I was suprised by my reaction.

    Have fun sniffin’!

    1. Really? I’ve never tried anything from him before—this nice little spray sample was an extra in the swap. You having two favorites is a good sign!

      Hmmm… well, I’ve had good luck with the Montale’s so far: he appeals to my sense of the bombastic! LOL. I should go read Ines’ review, because I have no idea what to expect 🙂


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