Vraie Blonde: MMmmm, Cookies!

I don’t care what they say, Vraie Blonde smells like cookies. Yummy, pretty, cookies—and this is no metaphor for lady-bits. Pretty cookies! The ones shaped like a wind-mill. Yum! You’re not going to get any more from me. For a “Real” review of this “Real Blonde”, check out the links at the bottom.

From Etat Libre d’Orange:

She has all the assets of platinum blond seduction. A full fledged décolleté, shapely hips and a sensuous catlike walk. A perfectly curvaceous body in a sequined lamé dress, a Technicolor version of the American dream! Accords of ambergris, fur and white pepper evoke an excess of luxury, the flashiness of casinos, women in sheath dresses and Marilyn naked under a mink coat. Is she a real blonde? To know the answer one will have to wait for nudity… Flushes of aldehydic notes fill the bedroom air, a tribute to the perfume the star wore at night, red-hot kisses enhanced by a bubbling thirst-quenching pink champagne note that leaves one panting. One feels like biting into this lovely sugared almond. Everything a brunette ever dreamed of!

Reviews: Perfume-Smellin’ Things :: Now Smell This :: Perre de Pierre

Notes: Aldehydes, “liqueur brandy of” champagne, rose, peach, white pepper, myrrh, patchouli and suede
$80 for 50mL, from the usual suspects
My sample of Vraie Blonde came from my favorite Austrian Blonde: Birgit!

6 thoughts on “Vraie Blonde: MMmmm, Cookies!

  1. I read your review, and then I sat here with my chin in my hand, looking at that illustration from the ELd’O bottle, and…

    Never mind! Cookies are yummy, but I’d rather make them and eat them than wear them! 😉

    1. I had similar… thoughts. It actually took me a few minutes of staring cock-eyed with a jaunty head-tilt before saying, “Oh!”

      It’s a nice fragrance, but, as you say, I’d rather eat my cookies than smell like them. Of course, the people who wrote real reviews had much more (and better things) to say about it. My attitude is that it’s neat… but for “neat” I can buy a Demeter for about $25.

  2. Etat Libre d’Orange is the Anti-Christ for me. I hate their aesthetic (if you can even call it such) and their pseudo-revolutionary marketing babble. I hate it so much I can’t bring myself to even test their scents, so I turfed them to you, sorry. 😉
    Like This is the one notable exception, far removed from what ELdO normally does.
    To this day I regret the moment of having ever set nose to Secretions Magnifiques, magnificent indeed! *rolls eyes*
    I am glad to see, I did not miss much. Again – I’m sorry! 🙂

    1. LOL, that’s hilarious! I’m a brave soul, so the Etat’s went to the right place… do you know, both of these were in my luckyscent wish list? I’ve been wanting to try these, of all the line, after having been impressed with Like This.

      I swear, there is some sort of fate working between us! 🙂


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