Queen of Green

Perfume-Smellin’ Things is hosting an “Exclusive Puredistance & Luckyscent Giveaway and Contest” for the fragrance Antonia, in which the winner—the person who writes the best copy for the fragrance—gets a crystal column with the Antonia perfume within.

I’m not going to lie to you—I’ve spent the last week or so hunting the devil, in a desperate bid to sell my soul for the magical words that will place this fragrance in my greedy paws. It’s a stunning fragrance, and I plan to spend the next few days wishing, hoping, praying—oh, and writing. So if you start to wonder where I am, envision me drawing lines of chalk on the floor with wrist glued to nose, and you won’t be far off.

9 thoughts on “Queen of Green

  1. Hope inspiration strikes and you win the Antonia, Dee. Sadly the comp wasn’t open to those of us outside the US but luckily I’ve never tried Antonia so don’t know what I’m missing!

    1. HaHA! That cuts out some of the competition 😉 I’m awful, aren’t I?

      Thank you for the well-wishes, it’s a really lovely fragrance. I like greens, but they’re not my favorite—however, this green has me all a flutter. It’s so perfect! 🙂

  2. You will win it, Dee! You are a great writer, you are on a lucky streak, and we all root for you!
    *whispers* You know, the woman in the pic of the Puredistance Lounge is Veronika, the SA I wrote about. 😉

    1. B., Thank you for your confidence, and your support! You’re right about the lucky streak—it’s almost too much to hope for it to continue…

      Are all the women in your country beautiful? 🙂


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