Orange Obsession

Four new orange lipsticks, two glosses. I still want more!

I’ve consulted the March issues of Vogue and of Marie Claire, and strangely, I’m not seeing a whole lotta orange. Ok, so I’m not in sync with the current trends—no big surprise there! However, I’m totally smitten with Orange; specifically, orange lipsticks.

My limited access to higher-end brands means that until I can hit the Neiman Marcus at the Houston Galleria, we’ll have to settle for the L’Oreal and Revlon offerings from my local Walgreens.

While I thought about breaking each offering down into pro’s and con’s, the reality is that these are each very good for the price. At around (or under) $10 each, think of them as bon-bon’s to pop in your purse!

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11 thoughts on “Orange Obsession

  1. Aaah, I love lipsticks, I love looking at lipsticks and I love reading about lipsticks.
    Orange must suit you so well, Dee!
    Thanks for this excursion away from perfume into the land of my second obsession. 🙂
    You know that a L’Oreal lipstick here sells for around 20$? I really don’t see why!

    1. Yay! We love lipstick!

      More perfume to come, but I’m really so excited about orange lips, I just had to share. 🙂

      I cannot believe that a L’Oreal lipstick goes for $20! I mean, you can get a Chanel lipstick for about $20!

      What brands are cheapies in your neighborhood—just curious 😉

      1. Ha, Chanel for about 20$, that is something I can only dream of! International brands are all more expensive over here, which leads to frequent hoarding whenever I am in the US! 😉 There are some cheap drugstore brands I suppose, but I am a lipstick snob as well as a perfume snob. *time to look sheepish again*

        1. Yeah, Chanel lipsticks are somewhere around $50 in Australia. Love them, love the packaging, have one on my desk right now. But the price … !

  2. Orange would look fantastic on you! I have a glossimer that is an orange-coral, but it doesn’t flatter my skintone. I can imagine that color on you instead.

    1. Thank you V.! I’m not sure it if really *looks* good, but I’m so darned happy wearing it, that my enthusiasm tricks people into thinking it looks great! 🙂


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