Packing Perfumes: deciding what to bring to Houston

We leave for Houston tomorrow morning, and I have not yet begun to pack. Since it’s primarily a business trip, it won’t be difficult: knee-length jersey dresses are my go-to uniform for dressy casual, and I’m well-stocked on those.

But perfume? Now there’s a tough one! I’ve got to bring a variety, because I’m not sure what sort of mood I’ll be in once I get there, and the weather will be on the warmer side (lower 70’s during the day). Don’t want to cause an event with TSA, either, so probably should limit myself to a handful…

So far, my list looks like this:
Memoir Woman
OJ Woman
Nuit de Tubereuse
Safran Troublant
No. 19
Dior Mitzah

Do you have any recommendations for traveling with perfume?

7 thoughts on “Packing Perfumes: deciding what to bring to Houston

  1. Solids! As you know, I only recently had that brainstorm, but here I am already advising. 😉
    Other than that your list sounds great.
    I also would pack a “crisis” scent, something you always long for when things go wrong somehow!
    Not that you will need it, but you never know… 🙂
    And as a last thought: Maybe something refreshing and uplifting for a long, hot day? I am thinking along the lines of citrus, cologne, etc.
    I will miss you!

    1. I was thinking of adding the Chanel cologne, and you’ve confirmed it! Maybe to keep in my purse for a pick me up emergency… 🙂

      RE: Solids…
      I am sorely lacking in that department!! Must remedy the situation.

  2. Well, to completely stay out of trouble, I’d pack Travallos and solid perfumes. But generally speaking, only travel with what you can’t bear to be without for the duration! 😉 Because you never know what you might find when you’re there! And someone is bringing her inner Maleficent to Houston! Watch out, Houston!

    Go ahead, Dee. Put the D in Danger! 😀 Have fun! And tell us all about it!

    1. ROTFL! Yes, now I always think of Lilith in conjunction with OJ Woman! It’s so good, yet with danger just lurking below the surface. That’s me, lurking 😉

      I’m not sure I can bear to be without my Citizen Queen purse bullet, but I’m afraid to try and get it through security—I mean, it looks like a pocket-rocket, but filled with smelly oil? How do I explain that one??? LOL.

  3. Hi Dee,
    Can’t say I have any recommendations for travelling with perfume but I like your list. Really varied, so I think you’d have most moods/occasions covered. No 19 would be great for business, Memoir Woman for an evening out, Nuit de Tubereuse for a fun, free day and Safran Troublant would be great for travelling. No suggestions for witchy OJ Woman!

    The only one I haven’t tried is Mitzah but it sounds lovely and light enough (for an amber) to wear in warmer weather too.

    Have a great trip!

    1. Mitzah has that “familiar” sense about it, which is very comforting, in addition to being beautiful in it’s own right.

      You’re reading my mind, no fair! You’ve pretty much nailed how I plan to use each scent, though to me, OJ Woman treads the ground between 19 and Memoir: done with business, ready to take on the world, not yet ready for lingerie 😉
      (The hubby is coming!)


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