Travelogue of a ‘fumie

Day One: Thursday, February 24th
Portland, Oregon
Safran Troublant under the clothes for the airplane ride; although this adventure started several hours ago, I’m still not on a plane. “Fragrances on a Plane” sounds like it could be a movie starring Sam Jackson.

Fragrances on a Plane!

Going to see if any of the travel shops here at the Portland airport carry perfume. Will report back.
Well, there’s not much here. I found two places selling Pacifica: at the first one, the Persian Rose solid somehow ended up on the back of both my hands, and I have discovered that it packs a powerful punch of sillage! Nice! I’m sure to score big points with my fellow travelers. At the second shop carrying Pacifica, they seemed to have the whole line, I found Mexican Coco… normally this sort of thing doesn’t appeal to me (not a fan of Chocolate Greedy), but the candle smelled great. The solid didn’t get any skin, since skin is occupied at the moment, but I think I’d like one of those for my purse. I may wander back over there before boarding time.

Mr. Howe is taking a walk. I do not know if it is a direct result of the Persian Rose waft. If I could take a walk, and leave PR here to watch the luggage, I think I would.

Denver, Colorado
Our plane is almost an hour late getting in, due to an icing related late take off from Portland. We race to our connection (they’re holding the plane) and pass a duty-free with lots of perfume in the window. I look longingly at it as we pass, wishing that a planeful of angry people weren’t at the end of our speedy trek.
This plane is almost empty (nice!) and we get a whole row to ourselves, with almost no one around us. Much more pleasant than the last leg of the trip.

Houston, Texas
It’s hard to believe that we just came out of Oregon’s equivalent of a snowstorm. It is WARM in Houston! We pick up our rental car after a quick shuttle ride from the airport, and find our hotel, about ten miles away. It’s the Hyatt. The hotel is over-booked, so they’ve put us in a “smoker-friendly” room. Uh-oh. The hallway smells pretty bad, but the room itself does not smell at all; this seems to be due to some fancy air purifier thingy in the corner.
11:30 pm
Our neighbors are feeling amorous, so we turn up King of The Hill as we await our food delivery.
12:00 am
Finally, to sleep.

Day Two: Friday, February 25th
7am in Houston is 5am in Oregon. Just sayin’.

The hotel coffee is worse than most: it’s a one-cup system—as in you put a tiny paper mug under a disposable tray/filter device, and get one crap cup of coffee. One cup! There is one cup of caffeinated coffee in this hotel room. One cup.
Scent of the Day? I’ve got a training session beginning in less than an hour, then the OPENING MEGA SESSION WITH BLAKE MYKOSIE (who?). I’m going to need strength. Wavering between Chanel no. 19, and Ormonde Jayne Woman. Will decide post shower.
Weather forecast calls for highs of 75F, and I’m wondering if I can pull off my Oregon-inspired “I shaved my legs, like, two days ago” look.
SOTM: Ormonde Jayne Woman

9 thoughts on “Travelogue of a ‘fumie

  1. Thanks for the update Dee, I’m glad you took us with you 🙂

    I know that awful feeling of being so near the duty-free perfumes but being unable to get to them. I had to catch a connecting flight in Paris last year but there was no time to go to duty-free. All those Guerlains so near, yet so far – oh the torture!

    1. Oh, to be duty-free in Paris! Perish the thought! I would have had a much harder time resisting that than I did the Denver, Colorado duty-free!

      Thanks for coming along with me 🙂

    1. LOL. Thank you Anne-Marie, for your empathy 🙂 For close to $200USD per-night, I’m appalled at more than a few things… but I’m a grumpy traveler to begin with, and pretty sensitive about coffee—specifically not having enough of it!

      Thank you for coming to Houston with me, virtually 🙂

  2. I stayed at the Hyatt in Houston too! 😀
    That seems to have been a very eventful journey, too bad about the torture of passing by a duty-free store, I love those!
    It is great to be along on the trip!
    Have fun, Dee!

    1. That’s so cool that you stayed at the same Hotel as me! Did you love the crazy-fast elevators? I think they’re cool 🙂

      Thank you for coming along with me to Houston! I’m sorry there haven’t been any pictures yet—my internet connection in the hotel room is really spotty 😦

      Be back in Oregon tomorrow night; hopefully I’ll have some time to check out that Denver duty-free during the layover!


  3. I have stayed at the DoubleTree in Houston and they did great warm cookies at the front desk… : – )

    Oh and saw Up In The Air for the first time last night. It is officially my favourite film – if you haven’t seen it, you’d like it too on the basis of the week you’ve had!

    1. Warm cookies sound delicious! That was my favorite part of flying with Frontier airlines—the warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies.

      Now I just have to re-train myself to remember that cookies are special occasion only, and not a a fundamental right 😉


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