I’m the Queen of the World: Memoir Woman

Memoir, the perfume that has devoured my perfume budget until April, finally arrived today. Well, it arrived a while ago, but since I was out-of-town for a week, it sat on a holding shelf at my local UPS until today. This perfume makes me really happy; it’s a scent that I feel ownership of: it’s my scent–albeit a “me but better” version. I feel like the Queen of the World when I smell it on my skin. What better feeling is there?

Mr. Howe is wearing it today. He’s on the treadmill, and a few minutes ago he told me, “I’m wafting. I smell good.” Wafting! Ha ha.

Read my totally biased review of Memoir here.

I bought my bottle from Luckyscent ($280/100mL), and they also sent me all five fragrance samples that I requested. Bless their hearts.

18 thoughts on “I’m the Queen of the World: Memoir Woman

  1. Isn’t it great to get a package with something you really love and that you waited patiently for? Enjoy your Dee-scent (pun NOT intended, but funny anyway!)

    1. LOL, Descent. You crack me up B.!

      It makes me really happy—and my Calamity J. came in at the same time, and I really love that one too; I wore it yesterday and last night.

      There’s a weird thing happening to me: when I opened my perfume cabinet last night to apply more CJ for sleep, I felt perfectly content looking over the collection.

      It feels complete!

      Still looking forward to sampling, especially the new Lutens, but not itching for a bottle of anything. Not even Lyric (though I’m sure that will change).

      😉 Cheers to evolution!

      1. “I felt perfectly content looking over the collection.
        It feels complete!”

        Dee Howe, I now pronounce you a Perfume Zen Master and encourage all of us to come study at your feet. How did that happen???

        I’m clearly a long way off that because all I can think (in a whining tone) is “I want a perfume that makes me feel Queen of the World!”.

        1. Haha, I don’t know about Zen Master, but I’m feeling pretty satisfied! I’ll probably come to my senses and be longing for something new soon enough 😉

          Have you tried Memoir yet? I get the feeling it’s one that either works for you or doesn’t, but when it does, oh boy does it!

          Tara, I know that you’re in the UK, and I’d be happy to send you a little decant if you’d like! Email me at botoblog@live.com with your address 🙂

          1. Dee that’s so kind, especially as you’ve only just got your full bottle of “Queen of the World” scent. Unfortunately I am one of those people for whom Memoir Woman does not work. It’s very disappointing because I was convinced it was just perfect for me. There’s some kind of licorice note putting me off – all I can think is that maybe it’s the clove. Glad it does so much for you though.

          2. It does have some weird elements to it; but I think that’s exactly why it hits me so perfectly. I’ve always hate black licorice (HATED!), but for some reason, I’ve come to like it in perfume. This also contains some white flowers–my mortal enemies–but somehow, somehow it’s perfection.

            Tara, I hope you find your Queen of the World scent! 🙂

        1. Oh, I can’t wait to read your review of Lyric! I so loved your review of Epic. I hope that you’ll do Memoir as well, it would be great to hear your take on it 😉

  2. First – congratulations on the wonderful addition to your collection. I know exactly how it feels when you finally hold a real, full bottle of the perfume you coveted for a while. Also, I admire the restraint you demonstrated with your perfume budget – I’m still working on that part 😦

    Second – I think I disagree with ” […] it’s one that either works for you or doesn’t, but when it does, oh boy does it!”: I tried it (I have a sample from Luckyscent), I think it’s a nice perfume, I even like it but there are at least two or three other perfumes from Amouage that I would (will?) buy before Memoir. I like it but do not love it. The bottle is nice though… I’ve never had a chance to hold any of them – how does it feel? Is it heavy?

    Congratulations once again.

    1. Thank you Undina! I think if I were more upwardly mobile, I’d have less restraint 😉

      You don’t find wormwood/absinthe/licorice somewhat polarizing? I feel like I see a lot of people commenting that they really like it, or cannot tolerate it! I’m sure glad that you don’t hate it 🙂

      The bottle in hand is beautiful; it has a nice heft, and the cap gives a very satisfying “click” when you close it. The stone at the top of this one looks like hematite, which goes nicely with the black.

      The bottle is great—but the only reason that I bought it from luckyscent (and not a tester from that guy on eBay) is that I wanted a bunch of samples! LOL.

      1. I wouldn’t trust some eBay seller with such expensive item: too many times I’ve been burned with perfumes purchases there (and I’m not even talking about fakes – just spoiled bottles). As to samples you should have gone with Aedes – they give you 7 samples with the order. But anyway, I’m very happy for you.

        1. Oh, it’s a reputable seller I’ve done business with before, and always had a positive experience with 🙂

          You know Undina, I’ve never ordered from Aedes! I just never think of them. I should check out their site.

          1. (just in case) I’m not affiliated with them.

            I really like their sample program ($15 for 7 samples including S&H if ordered alone or free if with an order).


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