The Cat’s Meow: Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir

Yesterday, post treadmill, I tested Frédéric Malle’s Iris Poudre; wow! What a beauty! … for the two hours it lasted on my skin. Since I was in the mood for iris (and like to wear a sleep scent), before heading off to dreamland I sprayed Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir on both my wrists. Another winner from Ormonde Jayne—my wish-list for that house is getting long—but this is not a review.

This is the tale of a cat in love.

Cho, gifted to me by my mother-in-law almost four years ago, has slept at my feet every night. She is the lump I must be careful not to dislodge (or face the wrath!), and reliably goes to bed with me and wakes up with me every day.

Last night, after crawling into bed, and tucking my hands up near my face (mmm, iris! mmmm, Ormonde Jayne signature base!) so that I could enjoy my waft while drifting off to sleep, I was set upon by a noisy monster. Cho, purring at max capacity, laid down next to my face, and proceeded to knead my hand and wrist with her (too sharp, must file those) claws, while alternately licking my arms and face, and rubbing her head on me. I fell asleep like that.

Quite the connoisseur, this cat. She responds to several fragrances, but I have never seen such a demonstration from her before. I think Cho finally found her Holy Grail scent.

Other Cho faves: Boadicea the Victorious Delicate, Guerlain L’Heure Bleue, and Guerlain Shalimar (to a lesser degree).

It’s your turn!
1. Do you have a perfume-loving pet?
2. What are your pet’s favorite perfumes?

11 thoughts on “The Cat’s Meow: Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir

  1. Aww, how lovely!
    I teared up a little, remembering my cat Otti. I loved it when she kneaded some part of me before falling asleep.

    I can’t say that she ever reacted to perfume, since she lived in a time when I was not yet a Perfumista.

    Such a nice post!

    P.s. I am shocked that Iris Poudre is so short lived on you! I feel irrationally responsible, so: I am sorry!

    1. This morning I tried Iris Poudre again (because I liked it so much) and applied about six generous sprays—it’s much better with a generous hand! I still only got about five hours, but that’s much better than two! It’s really nice stuff, and I’m so glad you shared it with me! 🙂

      Poor Otti missed your perfumista stage! No doubt she had a wonderful life, even without a signature scent 😉

  2. Yay, Cho!

    My cats pay no attention to my perfumes, but our pet rats try to eat my earlobes from time to time… must see if that’s ‘fume-related. 🙂

  3. Wow… Two coincidences in one posting!

    First, not only I love both these scents, but as I’m writing this Iris Poudre bottle is somewhere in the mail between France and the U.S. and I really hope to get it early next week and Orris Noir is supposed to come from London in my friend’s bag in a week. (Just to mention, both purchases are outside of the perfume budget – birthday gifts money).

    Second, today I started writing about my cat’s fascination with my perfumes. I got distracted, then felt too tired to finish, decided to read instead – and came accross your question about pets. Something must be in the air!

    My cat Rusty often conducts perfume sniffing tests with me. He exhibited the behavior similar to Cho’s in response to Chanel’s Beige. He likes several other scents more than others but Beige is clearly his favorite.

    1. Coincidence… or an overlap in the universal consciousness?

      LOL, just kidding! Haha.

      That really is a funny coincidence Undina! Something in the air, for sure 🙂 Congratulations on both your new bottles (totally jealous!!), and for not having to use your budget to acquire them! I tell you, when it occurred to me that holidays could now mean new perfumes rather than Cosby sweaters, it put an extra spring in my step!

      Rusty has good taste—of course he would like an Exclusif, right? No drugstore stuff for a man of his sensibilities 😉

  4. I am owned by two fiendish beasts – the lovable ditzy Janice Divacat, so-called because her face is split in two exact halves of orange and gray and you can’t call a female Janus – and the ginger tom – and infinitely more troublesome – Hairy Krishna. They both have their likes and dislikes. Janice is a Big Oriental kind of cat and a major Serge fan. Muscs Kublai Khan made her go, well…ape (as it made me turn ever-less flattering shades of green! 😦 ), Ambre Sultan makes her purr and Jeux de Peau puts her in a tailspin. She will steal sweaters if I’ve worn it – drag them somehow out of the laundry basket, and haul them off to ‘her’ spot on the windowsill. There, they will be kneaded and sucked upon and thoroughly loved and fetishized!

    Krishna, on the other hand, is into Epic in, well, an epic way. When I wore it the other day, it was his turn to go nuts – and not leave me alone for a second. I typed out most of ‘Her Serene Empress’ with him purring in my lap, nose somewhere around my navel. On the other hand, he’s no fan of Incense Extrème, unlike his personal butler. Instant cat repellant. (So if you like incense, can afford it and hate ginger cats…LOL!)

    1. Priority number one: I love orange cats! My first cat—who is now 18 yrs. old and living out her last days with my mom—is an orange tabby that was born feral, and still thinks she’s a wildcat. I will have an orange cat again… better plan for a bottle of Epic 😉

      Actually pulling fragrant clothes to a favorite spot is something that we have yet to experience in Howe house—and I hope to keep it that way. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own mess! I do regularly spray Cho’s cloth mice (opposed to her rabbit fur mice) with her favorite perfumes, and she really seems to dig that—a happy n-between for the discerning kitteh!

      I love both of your beastie names, by the way. My can came pre-named, which has lead to a never ended cycle of explanations from me when I introduce her to anyone.

      “Cho Chang. No, we didn’t give her a Chinese name because she’s an Asian breed. My mother-in-law named her after the Harry Potter character, as she names all her cats. The father of her litter of kittens was Harry, and well, you know, Harry had a crush on Cho…”

      It’s like that.


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