Neutrogena, Ultra Sheer Liquid SPF 55

While Anne-Marie is gearing up for Fall in the land down-under, up here in the north, Summer is just around the corner. Sunscreen is something that I obsessively use year round, especially on my face, but I’m always tweaking my routine, looking for something better. When the days start to get longer, I start buying and trying new facial sunscreens.

Today’s pick is Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Liquid daily sun protection, SPF 55. I like Neutrogena products, but their sunscreens are a hit or miss for me. A few years back I worked for a dermatologist who used and recommended Neutrogena sunscreens, however, several of their product bases cause nasty breakouts… which is, for obvious reasons, a deal breaker.

The Verdict:

I’ve worn Ultra Sheer for a few weeks now, and I can, in good conscience, give it two-thumbs up. It’s a liquid that disappears into the skin; I love that it’s weightless, requires minimal rubbing or blending, and serves as an excellent palette for either moisturizer or primer.

Absolutely one of the best facial sunscreen products I’ve encountered—and I’ve encountered more than my fair share!

For about $15 at your local pharmacy.

16 thoughts on “Neutrogena, Ultra Sheer Liquid SPF 55

  1. Thanks dee! Sunscreens, and sun protection generally, are taken extremely seriously here too, as Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, I believe. Oddly tho’, the local food and drug authority will not approve an SPF factor higher than 30. The concerns is over the impact of the chemicals inn higher SPF sunscreen. Or something, I’m that well informed.

    Anyway, I too am always on the look out for a good moisturiser with sunscreen. Fragrance-free, if possible, although I have yet to find a genuinely fragrance-free product with sunscreen. I think the sun protecting agents must have a distinctive scent which can either be left alone, or covered up, but either way, the prodcut is goign to have a scent.

    At the moment I’m wearing a product put out by an Australian company whcih I think is owned by Cancer Council Australia ( ), so its profits go back into cancer research and awareness. The product is okay. Good price, $15.

    1. Thank you Anne-Marie!
      I knew that Australia collectively has an aggressive stance on sun protection (I feel like I read somewhere that school-children have to wear hats at recess to protect their faces—is this true?), and I find it interesting that they frown on SPF factors >30. I suspect that it’s well-researched, and I should probably do a little more investigation of my own, rather than just assuming higher is better!

      However, SPF rating aside, what I like so much about this stuff is that it’s almost without scent (which I know you’d like!), and it’s not at all greasy. It’s actually kind of bizarre—it’s like nothing at all. As in, it provides no moisture, no skin “balancing,” no ‘nuthin. Just an extra protective layer to add to your regular routine. I think that’s pretty neat, although I’d bet that there are people who will dislike it for exactly that reason.

      I’m off to check out the CCA link…


      1. That sounds good! UVA and UVB protection and all. (I’ve seen some that claim to be the best in the world but only have UVA, or don’t specify at all.)

        Yes, all childcare centres, pre-schools and primary schools here have very strictly enforced rules about hats. You can’t play in the sun without a hat. The rules are relaxed somewhat in the winter, but only somewhat. But at high school, I discovered this year when my son started in Year 7, they don’t bother much at all. Huh? Go figure.

  2. I’m also one of those people who wears a sunscreen all year long. In my day-to-day life I do not spend too much time outside so my regular moisturizers are usually not higher than SPF 20. But for vacations or hiking (in addition to a mandatory hat) I use creams with higher protection power. Currently my favorite is Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55 PA+++ by Shiseido ( ).

    1. I’m an inside person too so have only recently starting wearing a SS all year around.

      I see a lot of products with SPF 15, which seems very low. It that effective at ALL, I sometimes wonder? Also, the the standard sunscreen advice here in Australia is to re-apply every three to four hours. On an ordinary work day, when I’ve applied a moisturiser at the start of the day, I’m not in the habit of re-applying (although I would at the pool). But I suppose technically I should …

      Sorry everyone, to labour these points, but I think about them a lot.

      1. I too am a cave dweller, but I’m afraid of the sunlight that whacks me in the face during the five minute drive to work. LOL, I don’t want any sun-spots!

        RE: SPF 15
        I guess it depends on the quality—it it’s tenacious, it seems like it would be sufficient for typical work-day wear… but for an outing? No way dude. Although I think that if you wear any make-up on your face (foundation or powder) that it probably helps extend the efficacy of the sunscreen.

        Obviously, I need to do more research!!

  3. I totally agree with the Ultra Sheer liquid pick. In fact, I need to restock soon! I wear this stuff in SPF 70 every day here in Austin, and it’s a godsend. You just get so tired of being covered in slimy goo in order to stay pale in Texas. This stuff sinks in and is totally dry and weightless on my face. I can put this on, then my makeup, bike to work, and get there without my makeup sliding right off my face.

    1. I’m glad you like it too! I almost went for the SPF 70, but went for the 55… because that one was merchandised with the make-up, while the 70 was with the sunscreen. Totally arbitrary, I know!

      Like you, Aimee, I love that it doesn’t interfere at all with my moisturizer/make-up routine, and I feel well-protected.

      Also—Austin! My hubby and I are planning to move to Austin at the end of this summer!!!

      We can plan a sniff once I get settled in 🙂 !

  4. I wish I could get this over here, so affordable and good. I usually wear La Roche Posay sunscreen SPF 50, there are many textures available, to switch according to temperature.
    The Shiseido is also great.
    I have worn sunscreen every day for the past 18 years. That makes me absurdly proud… 😉

    1. It should make you proud! And, obviously, based on the state of your pristine, porcelain skin—it’s worked!!!

      Shiseido has worked well for me in the past (though I’m newly stocked up on Paula’s Choice), and I think that I’m going to give that one a try when I drain this little bottle.


  5. I’m sooooo tired of conversations with friends and co-workers along the line “Oh, I do not burn, so I do not need/want sunscreens” that this post and all replies is music to my ears (eyes?). 🙂


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