Parfumerie Generale Praliné de Santal

There’s a fruity-oud aspect in the waft that seems incongruous, and is totally unexpected juxtaposed with the sweet, nutty, milky-creamy sandalwood—it reminds me more than a little of Bond no 9’s New York Oud. Which is a good thing, but may be a little much (sweet-wise) for warmer weather.

I probably shouldn’t talk about any perfume when I’m not feeling well—I’m currently suffering from a nasty cold—since it may be affecting my sense of smell, but this fruit-compote assaulting my senses is so plush that I cannot NOT comment on it.

It makes me think of the dancing hippos from Fantasia: enormous ladies clad in pink, yet light on their toes. A true fete by one of my favorite noses, Pierre Guillaume.

6 thoughts on “Parfumerie Generale Praliné de Santal

  1. It doesn’t remind you of Jeux de Peau?
    Fascinating, I can’t detect a resemblance to New York Oud. Seems we have a chameleon on our hands here. 🙂

  2. I was looking for the resemblance to JdP, and I believe you that it’s there… I think that my perception has probably been tainted by my cold! But it had such an interesting effect, that I just had to post about it 😉

    When my nose is back to normal, I’ll do some more testing and update with my findings, LOL!

    1. Fantasia stole my heart as a little girl, and I still love it today! This particular bit always makes me smile 🙂

      Thank you Angie! I haven’t had a cold in at least a year, so I guess I’m over-due for a nasty one, LOL. On the plus side, things smell different, so that’s kind of fun and interesting!


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