Bess, Bare, Bees: Beautiful

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The Edward Bess Ultra Slick is a dream come true: a lipstick that I can wear without a primer. It has a “slick” finish that lasts well (I’d say three cups) and is very moisturizing. The color is flattering, and the texture is satiny (as the name implies). Worth $32.

I picked up the Bare Minerals lipstick at a local boutique, on a day when I was trying to buy some Lipstick Queen lipstick—the boutique was listed on the LQ website, but they no longer carry the brand. Not one to drive a half-hour and come home empty handed, I snatched up “Ripe Fig,” a universally flattering mauve-pink shade (which was what I was hoping to find in Jean Queen, the new release from Lipstick Queen). The color is fantastic, the finish is matte. The texture, however, is thick—to the point that I cannot drag the product across my lips without some sort of primer underneath. It’s a comfortable feeling product that doesn’t dry my lips further, but even when they’re well moisturized, the can’t go naked under “Ripe Fig.” If you’re going to purchase this one, snap it up on eBay for ten bucks.

Burt’s Bees and I have a long history together. I’m fond of all the balms, but I love none of them. Most don’t contain sunscreen, which means I can’t wear them out of the house, and they tend to be too heavy to wear as primers underneath lipstick. However, the new balm, Ultra Conditioning, is purrrr-fect. As you can see in the photo (barely) it has a very slight sheen to it, and it’s very soft. It slips on the lips depositing minimal product, creating a thin veil of moisture. I like it very much, and it is the perfect companion to the Bare Minerals lipstick.

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in “Deep Lust,” $32 at Neiman Marcus (mine was a birthday gift from my dearest friend);
Bare Minerals “Ripe Fig,” $15 at Bare Escentuals (I bought mine at a local boutique: Plenty, Hood River);
Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Balm with Kokum Butter, $2.99 at Walgreens.

10 thoughts on “Bess, Bare, Bees: Beautiful

  1. You must be a really lovely person to get such nice birthday gifts! 😉
    I love Edward Bess lipsticks, they have the best texture ever.
    I find the the BE lipsticks very drying as well.

  2. Lovely, flattering shades, dee. Thanks to you and B for the tip about Bare Minereals lipsticks. I wear the foundation and blusher everyday and was thinking of getting the lipstick but I really couldn’t handle anything so dry.

    1. They certainly aren’t the sort of thing you can swipe on as you run out the door, that’s for sure! Exfoliate, moisturize, apply. Repeat as needed 😉

        1. Hmmm… I am NOT clever. Charming, maybe, but clever? Nope. I love The Office, but I have no idea what you are referencing! LOL, please fill me in so I can laugh too 😉

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