Wednesday Mail: Jacomo Silences PDT

It seems like it took a million years to arrive, but arrive it did: my 5mL mini of Jacomo Silences. This “Green Fiend” has already found a home on my wrist and in my heart, and she’ll feel welcome in the cabinet next to Antonia, Chanel no. 19, and Grey Flannel. Setting me back less than $10 (shipped!), let me assure you, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Here’s what some of my favorite people have to say about Silences:
Bittergrace Notes
Bois de Jasmin
Muse in Wooden Shoes
Notes from Josephine
Pere de Pierre
Perfume Shrine
Scent Less Sensibilities
Scent of the Day
Yesterday’s Perfume

16 thoughts on “Wednesday Mail: Jacomo Silences PDT

  1. Is it vintage or modern? That’s one I need to try still.

    BTW- I just prepped your package- just waiting on the CdG Tar to arrive here, then I’ll make your sample. Should be tomorrow!

    1. Carrie, I believe that it is vintage—and it smells so good!

      I’m waiting on my Best Bottles order to arrive (new supplies, yay!) so I’ll have your package out as soon as the package gets here 🙂

        1. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Currently, I have about 12 x 9mL atomizers (and that’s ALL that’s left). Why did I ever think I would need so many 9mL atomizers is beyond me… LOL.

  2. At last you’ve got it! Come the summer, I’m going to replace my sample with a FB.

    That list of reviews is interesting. Goes to show that Silences is a true ‘parfumistas’ perfume’. It seems to get hardly any attention in the mainstream, but is loved by a well-informed minority. Which is not meant to sound elitist, it’s just the way things seem to be.

    1. Anne-Marie, I hadn’t really thought about that, but after reading your comment (re: elitist juice), I grabbed my little bottle and sniffed the cap. Here’s the thing—I’ve seen people at the perfume counter: they spend about five minutes making a buying decision, and they don’t test on their skin. They’re sniffing the nozzles or sniffing on paper, and I think we might agree that that is NOT the way to experience Silences! And of course it’s not—it wasn’t developed to smell best at the nozzle, but on the skin!

      SA’s do a disservice to their clients by catering to the “make a sale RIGHT NOW” method. I genuinely believe that women want to wear perfume that is beautiful and moving, but you can’t find that in five minutes (in most cases). They just don’t know what perfume can be!

      My mini will be followed by a full-bottle, because I can’t imagine life without it (I’ve had it 24 hours, LOL!)

  3. Silences had to grow on me – or maybe the weather was just wrong when I tried it first. In any case, it’s become my scented air-conditioner in the heat, and I can’t imagine a summer without it. I now have a half-full vintage 100ml pdt, and a mostly-full 125ml pdt. Thank goodness for ebay…

    I understand that the edp is still pretty good, if you can find it.

    1. LOL, sounds like you are hooked! The weather is perfect for it right now, and I’ve been priming my Green pump with Grey Flannel, Antonia, and no. 19—so Silences is a natural sister in that group.

      And are you freaking out about the new 19 Poudre? I am saving my pennies already. 🙂

      1. Mmmmm, not saving pennies yet. I did really like the edp of 19 and found it so much… friendlier than the edt, particularly the vintage, which is what I have and love – and which The CEO does not like at all. I did spritz the edp in the Duty Free in the Rome airport in March, and he spontaneously said, “What is that? I like it.” Of course, I had to point to about six different places (right wrist, left wrist, right forearm, left forearm, back of left hand, and scarf) to make sure of which he was enjoying, but it was 19 edp, on the scarf.

        I’ll have to try the Poudre first…

        1. I liked the EDT quite a lot, but after reading several reviews (notably Anne-Marie’s review here, and Tarleisio’s on her blog) I suspected that the EDP was more my style… and that turned out to be true. I feel like it’s “rounder” in a way, and certainly very friendly (in a powerful, take no prisoners kind of way 😉 ).
          So the CEO dislikes the EDT, but liked—enough to comment even?!—the EDP? That is very interesting! I wonder what it is about it that catches his interest?

          CAN”T wait to try Poudre!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Glad you are so pleased with your purchase, dee! I’m a green convert since falling for Antonia and Trefle Pur. It’s made me much more open to trying other green fragrances. As you’ve mentioned above, all perfumes should be tested on skin before purchase but think this goes double for green (and pepper) scents which tend to come across badly on paper in my experience.

    1. Tara, I completely agree—I don’t know what it is about greens, but sniffing on paper or at the nozzle just does not do them justice! 🙂

  5. I KNEW it! I KNEW it! *jumps up and down, excited* Isn’t it great? Stupendous? Bottled air conditioning, as Mals so rightly says? Now, if you could sniff Silences and Antonia side by side and tell me they’re siblings…or I should just have my perfumoholic license revoked…;)

    1. Oh, I am gonna get all snarky on you about Antonia… it was Not Good on me at all. Some wacked-out chemical thing that actually MADE MY CHILDREN BACK AWAY FROM ME. Really. Even the one that really likes Silences.

      But maybe that’s just my skin.

      1. Mals, that is so strange! On me it’s the most perfectly smooth green I’ve ever met, and the waft is to die for. Someone always tells me I smell wonderful when I’m wearing it—must be skin chemistry!


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