Amouage Library Collection: Opus IV

There’s a bike path that my husband and I love to ride on—the only one in this part of the Gorge—that ends at The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. The entire length of the path is beautiful, but at the very end there is a particular spot that never fails to take my breath away. Dusty hills in the background, wide river to the right, the path is lined in sage, pine, and other aromatic greenery. This place feels like another universe— an utterly serene, heartbreakingly beautiful wrinkle in time. It has a smell, too: Opus IV.

You will see willows, cottonwoods, sedges and cattails, as well as numerous varieties of grasses, wildflowers, and other plants native to the Gorge.”
Discovery Center

IV is so much greater than the sum of it’s parts, because it summons up for me the happiest days: the serenity and the delight of a long bike ride with my husband, surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty and never-ending sunshine.

Our time in the Gorge hasn’t been long, and while we’re ready to move on to the next phase of life, I will miss the majestic, ethereal beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. With a spritz, I know I can count on Opus IV to transport me back.

Smell Good, Do Good: Part of the profit from every sale of Opus IV will benefit an HIV/AIDS prevention program in Oman.

8 thoughts on “Amouage Library Collection: Opus IV

  1. So beautiful, Dee…
    I am glad you have a perfume to remind you of those two years in Oregon.
    I wanted to give Opus IV another shot, but my attempts to locate a sample have been thwarted again yesterday, when I saw Le Parfum was sold out…
    Have fun on the trip to Texas!

  2. Wonderful heartfelt post, dee! Agree with B, it’s so cool you now have that special spot in a bottle. Must try Opus IV so I can “visit” that amazing scenery too. Have a great journey. I wonder what your Austin perfume will be?

  3. Dee,

    It’s so wonderful that you can keep bottled piece of something great in your past.
    Have a safe, interesting and great-memories-creating trip!

  4. You sound sad but not regretful. It’s a complex time emotionally, isn’t it? I’m glad you have enjoyed your last days. You are such a positive person Dee.

    Thanks for the link to the Discovery Centre website. I enjoyed it.


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