2012 FIFI Awards: Indie Fragrance of the year

Here in the perfumista community, we’re pretty thrilled that this year the Fragrance Foundation added a new category: Indie Fragrance of the Year.

There will be one winner in the FiFi® “Indie” Category for Fragrance of the Year (Men’s, Women’s or Shared). The finalists and the winner will be honored at the 2012 Elements Showcase on January 31st in New York City. The winner will receive the crystal FiFi® statuette as well as a congratulatory check in the amount of $10,000 from Givaudan Fragrances Corp. The winner will also be recognized at the 2012 FiFi® Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 21, 2012.

If you wish to nominate a fragrance of your creation, download the forms below, and include two bottles of fragrance, and an entry fee of $200 (per entry). The deadline to submit your nomination is November 30th, 2011.

2012 Indie Category Nomination Forms aa
2012 Indie Category Nomination Forms bb

One of our favorite bloggers, Carrie Meredith, of Eyeliner on a Cat renown, is on the committee!

Who are your favorite indie perfumers?

11 thoughts on “2012 FIFI Awards: Indie Fragrance of the year

  1. Thank you so much for posting this, Dee! I’m not sure who’s going to be on the judging panel yet, though, we’ve not chosen them yet.

    I am really hoping to see entries from Liz Zorn, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz and Kedra Hart… but I’m really psyched to see everything that comes in.

    You’re the best! xoxo

    1. It’s my pleasure! Do I need a correction though? I thought that you are on the judging panel? Let me know if I need to update 🙂

      I’m secretly hoping (maybe not so secretly?? lol) that Laurie Erickson will enter To Dream, even though I haven’t smelled it yet! I just love her work so much… and of course Pandora, which Dawn has every right to be very proud of!

      back ‘atcha 😉

      1. If you could just change it so it says I’m on the committee and not the judging panel (as of now, at least), that would be fab! I’ll let you know if that should change down the line. 🙂 Thanks Dee!

  2. I haven’t been getting on too well with SSS fragrances lately but I was interested in the new fig scent. I’ve just ordered a sample. I can’t resist a new fig!

    1. Adding: but my uneasiness with the scents has nothing to do with my delight at how interesting and creative the SSS line is, and how fantastic the customer service. I have never forgotten how amazed I was when my first order included a handwritten note from Laurie. At that stage, I could hardly believe such a thing could happen. It was as if I’d met the baker who had baked my bread, or the farmer who supplied my milk. Wonderful!

      1. Oh, I completely understand what you are saying: Even though I’m crazy for a couple Olympic Orchids scents (Javanica & Olympic Amber specifically), most of the line just doesn’t play nice with me— but I recognize the talent and the beauty of the creations. Her “Little Stars” was a revelation for me, because it’s not at all to my taste, but it was astonishingly beautiful!

        Then on the other hand we have Laurie’s work, which feels bespoke! It’s exciting to find a perfume line that feels that way 🙂

        That personal touch really does make all the difference; I love old fashioned quality customer service!


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