Best in the Blogosphere: Best Fall Fragrances 2011

Even though I love to wear Fall and Winter fragrances year ’round, I still look forward to the Best of Fall lists! Enjoy links from the perfume community, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

All I am — a redhead :: Bois de Jasmin :: CaFleureBon (part 1) :: CaFleureBon (part 2) :: Grain de Musc :: Katie Puckrik Smells :: Now Smell This :: Olfactoria’s Travels :: Perfume Posse :: Perfume Shrine :: Perfume-Smellin’ Things :: SmellyBlog :: The Non-Blonde

Some of my favorite Fall Fragrances, in no particular order:
Anne Pliska EDP :: Chanel Bois des Iles :: Champagne de Bois :: Dior Mitzah :: Byredo Oud Immortal :: Le Labo Poivre 23 :: Frapin 1697 :: Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche

Best in the Blogosphere: 2010

20 thoughts on “Best in the Blogosphere: Best Fall Fragrances 2011

    1. LOL, I thought you’d all be tired of my usual diatribe by now: Memoir, Poivre, Opus IV, Frapin, OJ… haha, trying to not be utterly predictable 😉

      I haven’t tried the parfum yet! I did get in on a split of the EDT, so I’m well supplied in that department for some time. I would like a bottle of parfum, even without testing— the consensus is that it’s very good, but lacking in sillage.

      But, that will have to wait until after Opus IV… which will hopefully be gracing my cabinet by early in the new year!

  1. Anne Pliska – never heard… (shame on me) – could you tell something more?
    I’m so with B. on that : I’d need some Bois des Iles… I might mention it in the front of the french side of the family, before Christmas 😉

    1. lady jane, Anne Pliska has been around for a long time— it’s kind of a cult sleeper hit. And hit for good reason! The simplest way for me to describe it is that it smells like Shalimar parfum, with a creamsicle thrown in for good measure! It’s warm and decadent, but so much more than just a good smell 🙂

        1. Hi Undina! There’s a link to the article in the post (if you click on the name), and there is a search widget on the blog— it’s at the very top of the page 😉
          (I just didn’t want to force anyone to click out of the page)

          Thank you for adding the extra link— anything to make it easier is good. 🙂

  2. I love that you wear your perfumes all year round, dee! Nice to read all the Bois de Iles love! I have to stop saving my parfum and start wearing it now that autumn is here. It is my number one perfume for this time of year along with Mitsouko.

    Thanks for all the links, I will get round to checking them out.

    1. Yes, there is no stopping me! I WILL wear heavy winter scents in summer, heat be damned 😉 There were only a couple exceptions, notably Frapin 1697 and Champagne de Bois, because they didn’t agree with my skin in the heat. Thank goodness they are back in season!!!

      Tara, I completely agree: wear that BdI parfum! You deserve it 🙂

      1. Undina, yes I do have both versions but have only worn the parfum once – in order to give dee my impressions! As I remember it was darker, woodier and richer, kind of like all basenotes. Wonderful but not much sillage. I intend to wear both versions together and looking forward to it now the weather has turned. It’s silly not wearing something because you think it’s too special. dee is a good role model for just wearing whatever, whenever!

  3. I second Tara: so many good things to research and read, so little time … but thanks for the links! 🙂 I will of course find time eventually.

    At the moment, I cannot really enjoy the “fall” perfumes because it’s not very cool outside on most days. But that just means more wear for the summery stuff, which is not a bad thing! I even broke out Bronze Goddess a few weekends ago, when it topped 80. Are you finding the weather in Austin has changed what you crave in terms of fragrance?

    1. It’s true N, there really are so many great things to read! Though if I’m totally honest, I love the slight anxiety I feel when I know there are several blogs I have to catch up on—it’s a very rewarding ‘catching up’ experience. I kind of hate it when I’m all caught up everywhere…

      Oooh! Bronze Goddess! I’m glad that it’s still getting wear. It is over here too— I really like to layer it with Jil Sander Sun, and also with SL Jeux de Peau.

      It was 80 today in Austin, and for the most part this fall, I’ve been full-on into fall/winter fragrance. I’m not much for summer scents in summer—they make great mood lifters in the dead of winter though 🙂

      It’s only been a couple months, but so far it seems like my Austin cravings are the same as my Oregon cravings! Thus my embarrassingly static “Best of” list 😉


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