Bond No. 9, Bleecker Street

I believe that perfumes tell tales, and the tale that Bleeker Street tells me is that of a well-scrubbed, well-dressed, intelligent young man. A young man who would never wear his father’s signature scent, but admires both the scent and his father. This guy plays tennis, works because he likes to keep busy, and knows how to make a woman feel like a lady. Bleeker Street is a beautiful watercolor take on what I think of when I think Man Smell. Violet leaf and an herbal accord are transparently fresh on a gently woody base, with vanilla and caramel used, seemingly, to sand down any potentially rough edges: they are not major players here, but are exquisitely rendered.

Bleeker Street is a really nice fragrance; one that I wouldn’t mind smelling on men around me. It is also, however, perplexingly expensive at $175/$230 for 50/100mL.

My sample of Bleeker Street was part of a generous care-package from Lavanya (thank you!).


6 thoughts on “Bond No. 9, Bleecker Street

  1. I love hearing your perfume tales, dee! Bond No. 9 is one of those ranges that just overwhelm me because of the number of perfumes in the line as well as the perplexingly high prices, so it’s good to read about one that has stood out for you.

    1. The house certainly has not won me over, by any means, but I’ll never turn my nose up at a sample that lands at my door! I haven’t found *my* Bond (surely there’s one for everyone, with a range that size), and the perplexing prices keep me from searching it out. But they are nice, and the bottles are pretty.

      Bleeker Street is very much like the man I described— pretty ideal, but not at all my type! 😉

  2. Lovely description. Mention of violet leaf reminds me of Grey Flannel, but GF maybe is a bit more … um … unshaven? Mature? (I’m trying not to use the word masculine.) It is certainly a lot cheaper!

    If you meet the Bleeker Street guy, send him my way.

    1. Oh yea, GF is much more mature! I love GF, but part of that love might be tied to the gorgeous price point, lol! Anne-Marie, the Bleeker Street guy is just your kind of guy, and if I find him, I’ll pack him off to Canberra!! 😉

  3. I don’t know what to do with Bond…
    I don’t like the house, I didn’t yet meet a perfume I liked, even the famed China Town and New Haarlem don’t move me. But maybe I’m just really prejudiced.
    Your naked man looks nice though… 😉


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